Volkswagen releases new software generation 3.0 for I.D models

Volkswagen have released their newest generation 3.0 software upgrade for their I.D electric vehicles. Buyers of new cars will be able to take advantage of this software right away while existing owners will get the software free of charge via an over-the-air update in Q2 of 2022.

Volkswagen software generation 3.0

This new Volkswagen software generation 3.0 comes with many new optimizations and intelligent driver assistance systems, including Travel Assist with Swarm Data. This new feature is designed to automatically keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane while maintaining distance between the vehicle in front and keep to a certain speed limit.

The system is able to adapt to local area speed limits as well as various different road layouts like corners and roundabouts. Predictive cruise control and turning assistance is also included into the system.

Volkswagen software generation 3.0

Travel Assist with Swarm Data will also be able to support lane changes by using the two radars at the rear and ultrasound. All the driver has to do is turn on the indicator, and as long as the sensors have not detected any objects in the surrounding area, the lane change will activate. Drivers can also intervene and take over during the procedure.

lane changing

Another added feature for the I.D models is the Park Assist Plus. It is able to find a parking space when activated and will complete the appropriate parking maneuver. If needed, the assistant can autonomously park the vehicle, using its environmental sensors to take full control of the vehicle. This can be activated by the driver at the selected parking space by applying the brake and activating the assistant on the parking menu.

For even easier parking, the Park Assist Plus comes with a Memory Function, which is a new system that can be taught up to 5 different parking maneuvers. The driver just needs to park once and save the maneuver, and the vehicle will be able to do it autonomously.


This new software update also includes an optional augmented reality head-up display, which will project information onto the windscreen. It can now include even more info for the driver like showing the Travel Assist assisted lane change, displaying new road symbols like roundabouts and information on the distance to the destination. Drivers can also now see the exact percentage of their battery level.

augmented reality display

Navigation systems throughout the vehicle will also get an improvement. Location of the vehicle on lanes are now more precise and the system is able to recommend changing lanes at motorway junctions and exits. Information on lane changing will appear in the ID. Light, which is a strip light under the windscreen.

Voice control systems have also been optimized to recognize voice commands much faster and more precisely. The quality of the voice control recognition is now at around 95% accurate. Using its digital microphones, it is also able to determine if the driver or front passenger is speaking, making it easier to follow passenger or driver specific instructions.

Volkswagen software generation 3.0

Battery charging efficiency has also seen some benefits in this new software update, with the maximum charging capacity increasing from 125kW to 135kW at a DC charging station. The smart e-route planner will also further help the driver to determine the necessary battery capacity needed for specific journeys with its smart route calculator. This is included in the charging menu available in the large touch display of the I.D.

Volkswagen software generation 3.0

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