VinFast VF Wild Concept Debuts As An EV Hilux Alternative

VinFast aims to challenge the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux with a sleek all-electric alternative. 

While there are already a handful of EV pickups in the market right now, a closer look at these offerings reveal for all of them to be on the rather large side. And while both Ford and Toyota have since relented in offering hybrid powertrains with their Ranger and Hilux respectively, there has yet to be a fully-electric truck that could realistically fit on Malaysian roads just yet.

Though this might soon actually change, as VinFast has recently revealed its all-new VF Wild Concept. Showcased at the ongoing CES 2024, this new all-electric pickup prototype from the Vietnamese automaker might just be the perfect all-electric Hilux alternative. 

Now kicking off with the practical stuff first, the VF Wild’s overall length of 5,324 mm and width of 1,997 mm places it to be around the same size as current Ford Ranger. VinFast however is currently claiming for this concept to be packing the largest bed in its segment, with its five-foot-long cargo bed capable of adding another 3 feet courtesy of a power-folding mid-gate and folding rear seats that extends the cargo space into the futuristic cabin if required. 

VinFast has stated too that this VF Wild Concept also integrates a panoramic glass roof and digital side mirrors into its design, to improve its aerodynamics. And touching just a bit on overall aesthetics of this suicide door-equipped pickup truck, the Vietnamese automaker further claims that over 8,000 hours was spent in collaboration with Australian design studio Gomitiv to yield this sleek exterior here, which was apparently inspired by ‘the flowing motion of a superhero’s cape in the wind’. 

Interestingly however, what VinFast has failed to mentioned during the reveal of this concept is its the payload or maximum towing capacity. The VF Wild also currently lacks any concrete information regarding what will exactly drive its wheels, with nary a mention of its EV powertrain and battery capacity. 

A set date of when this concept will be turned into production reality is still currently an unknown thus far, and exactly as to which markets it will be offered in too. Though at least according to the sentiments shared by Vinfast for this VF Wild being its showcase of their ‘aspiration to venture into the fast-paced and thriving electric pickup truck market’, there may be a chance yet that this all-electric pickup could be on the market rather soon. 

What more is that given that VinFast currently has a factory in Vietnam (and is also currently setting up shop in Indonesia too), there may also be a chance for this Vietnamese automaker to take advantage of our ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) agreement and let there be at least an EV alternative to the Hailak over here. 

Joshua Chin

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