Ford Unveils New PHEV Ranger With 45 km EV-Only Range 

More impressive perhaps is for the Ranger PHEV to not be compromised on its payload and towing capability. 

While the world has begun to slowly embrace the idea of an all-electric pickup truck, the idea of a hybrid powertrain really hasn’t been explored much yet, especially in the mid-sized segment. Though this is soon about to change, as Ford has recently unveiled a new plug-in hybrid variant of its Ranger. 

Full technical details of this new PHEV powertrain for the Ranger is unfortunately still shrouded in mystery, with Ford having not revealed the exact specifications of the electric motor and battery pack for this particular pickup yet. What is nevertheless known though is for the internal combustion engine side of things consists of the Blue Oval’s usual 2.3-litre turbocharged Ecoboost four-pot, and for the electric side of things meanwhile to deliver up to 45 km of range from a full charge. 

While Ford has also been coy on the power and torque figures too, the Blue Oval does however tout for this PHEV powertrain in the Ranger to output more torque than any other model currently in its lineup, which could therefore translate to be more than the generous 600 Nm output by the 3.0-litre turbodiesel. Moreover, while also not going into much specifics, this new electrified pickup will apparently retain the towing, payload, and off-road capabilities as its ICE-only equivalents as well.

The other thing Ford is keen to tout on this new PHEV Ranger is its newly available Pro Power Onboard feature. Seen previously in the all-electric F-150 Lightning, this particular add-on basically brings a number of household electrical outlets to the cabin and the bed of this pickup, which could then be used by its owners to “power their high-draw power tools and appliances on a worksite or remote campsite” directly from the drive batteries.  

As for the other new things on this plug-in hybrid Ranger, this electrified pickup can naturally be distinguished from the rest of the lineup from its charging port mounted on the rear fender, right next to the fuel cap. Ford has also added some PHEV lettering on its side gills and a new slightly sleeker version for the 18-inch alloy wheels for this new addition to the range. 

This electrified powertrain will apparently initially only be available in the off-roady Wildtrak trim of this pickup first, with it then arriving in other variants in due course. Ford will also reportedly only begin production of the Ranger PHEV in late 2024, with sales currently slated to be limited only in Europe too. 

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