SG BMW driver changing number plates in Johor

Our good buddy (Sukhbir Sidhu) just shared this hot news with us. A Singaporean BMW 3-Series owner was caught swapping his Singaporean registration number (number plate) SLX27E with another Singaporean registration number (number plate), SKD2777C while filling up with petrol at a Malaysian petrol station at the second link causeway.

Installing the Hyundai Elantra number plate…see registration details in picture below

This very bold Singaporean BMW owner had the guts to do this in broad daylight and in front of so many people who could easily catch him on camera as done right here.

The below pictures from SG Road Vigilante facebook page was shared with us and we had to share it here with the hope that the Malaysian police will take action against this BMW driver who is probably speeding, beating red lights, ignoring parking tickets and just allowing all his Malaysian traffic summons to go to the Singaporean Hyundai Elantra owner (SKD2777C) who has no clue whats happening.

Swapping his number plate in broad daylight without a worry in the world

What is even worse, this could be a common practise with many other Singaporeans who often race along our highways without a care.

Above here you can see the two different registration numbers and the cars they belong to.

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