Toyobaru Twins’ 10th Birthday Marked With Special Editions

The 10th anniversary of the Toyota-Subaru sports car tie-up is marked with some vibrantly coloured commemorative cars. 

Toyota and Subaru have recently revealed special editions of the GR 86 and BRZ respectively, to mark 10 years since the first Toyobaru twins first arrived on the market. Both bearing the moniker 10th Anniversary Limited, both cars net subtle exterior and interior enhancements that commemorate this momentous milestone. 

Now starting with the Toyota first, the GR 86 RZ 10th Anniversary Limited comes painted exclusively in a vibrant Flame Orange hue. Apparently an homage to the original car’s iconic burnt tangerine-esque launch colour, these orange highlights also make an appearance as contrast stitching throughout the cabin and accents on the front seats. 

Other enhancements made to this special anniversary edition of GR 86 meanwhile includes leather on the steering wheel, gear knob, handbrake, and door armrests, in addition to a 10th-anniversary logo being embroidered on the door cards and appearing as a sticker on the rear windshield. This commemorative Toyota also nets black-painted 18-inch multi-spoke alloys and mirror caps, as well as cast black accents on its dashboard. 

If blue rather than orange is more your thing though, then the Subaru BRZ S 10th Anniversary Limited will perhaps be more up your alley instead. It features all the same exterior and interior changes as its Toyota counterpart, just that everything that was once orange in the commemorative GR 86 is now substituted with the Pleiades marque’s iconic shade of WR Blue Pearl.  

That said, the Subaru does one up the Toyota by having a BRZ emblem on its tailgate. Though both commemorative editions nevertheless do not gain any additional performance improvements, with the naturally aspirated 2.4-liter boxer engine still producing the same 235 PS and 250 Nm of torque as its stock counterparts. 

This anniversary edition of the GR86 is set to go for ¥3,469,000 (RM 113,000) with a six-speed manual transmission and ¥3,632,000 (RM 118,300) with an automatic when order books open in Japan come the end of July. Order books for the BRZ will be open at the same time but interestingly with a slightly lower retail price, with it instead ranging from ¥3,388,000 (RM 110,000) to ¥3,553,000 (RM 116,000) for the stick-shift and auto ‘box respectively.

It is worth highlighting however that both these special anniversary editions will also only be sold in Japan, with Subaru stating too that only 200 units of the BRZ S 10th Anniversary Limited will be made available. Toyota has yet to explicitly mention a cap on the number of GR86 RZ 10th Anniversary Limited it will produce. 

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