Malaysian driving enthusiasts who demand driving performance will be delighted to know that they can now fit their passenger cars with the Proxes TR1, the successor to the popular Proxes T1R.

The Proxes TR1 is the latest version of the Sporty Ultra performance tyre series aimed at delivering a fun-to-drive experience for motoring enthusiasts and owners of sporty sedans. Designed to fascinate a variety of consumers be it for track-day events or for weekend cruising pleasure, the Proxes TR1 combines unique edgy and functional designs, expressed through stylish and attractive asymmetric tread patterns to deliver impressive wet performance and improved cornering stability.

Merging the designs of both the Proxes Sport and the Proxes T1R, the Proxes TR1 has a tyre profile that also looks aggressive and is functional at the same time. The aggressive design on the tyre’s shoulder was drawn from the Proxes T1R, which has long slant grooves and open lateral slits for better water drainage whilst functional aspects were taken from the Proxes Sport by adding wide grooves, a high stiffness rib and tapered slits to improve both water drainage as well as grip and stability during cornering.

One of the best features of the Proxes TR1 however is the unique ‘wear process finder’ which provides a visualisation of wear progress. Beginning with 5 stars, as the tyre is used, the number of stars will decrease and at zero star, it is highly recommended that consumers change their tyres.

The second unique selling proposition of the Proxes TR1 is the use of advanced materials used to create the Proxes TR1, combining Super Active Polymers and a high silica content to create a balance of better wet grip and low rolling resistance.

The construction of the Proxes TR1 also combines three features. A spiral-wound cap ply that supports good wet and dry handling stability; high tensile steel belts to improve handling and directional stability and finally high-hardness bead fillers that improves cornering grip and stability.

In terms of overall results, the Proxes TR1 resulting in a 16% improvement in wet handling and braking performance over its predecessor, the Proxes T1R. The rolling resistance of the Proxes TR1 also meets R117 Stage 2 standards as determined by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Mr. Tan Song Chye, President/Managing Director of Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd said “I am confident the Proxes TR1 will thrill driving enthusiasts who appreciate advanced Japanese technology. The Proxes TR1 is ideal for the mid-sports segment and supports both continental and Japanese vehicles, especially between the B-segment to E-segment of vehicle class”.

The Proxes TR1 is available in Malaysia in 24 sizes, ranging from 15 to 19 inches rim diameter (see fact sheet), with recommended retail prices ranging from RM199 to RM800 per tyre, depending on tyre size.

The Proxes TR1 can be purchased throughout Malaysia through any of its 74 Toyo Centres (One-Stop Tyre Sales and Service Centres), offering state-of-the-art automotive equipment, ample parking, and comfortable air-conditioned waiting rooms.

Tan added that in conjunction with the launch of the Proxes TR1, consumers who purchase a set of four Proxes TR1 tyres in May 2019 will also receive a Targus bag worth RM 109 while stocks last.

Toyo Tires is present in Malaysia under the name of Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd and is a subsidiary of the Toyo Tire Corporation, Japan.

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