Suzuki Jimny 5 Door To Be Launched Very Soon

The Jimny 5 door will outsell the 3-door version when it arrives.

Japanese automotive news website www.bestcarweb.jb recently shared information about the launch of the Suzuki Jimny 5-door some time in mid 2022 in Japan and then followed by the rest of its markets.

The news report mentioned that Suzuki Japan will introduce a five-door Jimny in its home market followed by India and the rest of Asia soon after.

This five door Jimny will also feature a more powerful turbo-petrol engine. It is speculated that the Suzuki Jimny 5-door will be launched once Suzuki Japan can better accommodate the surging demand there is of the standard Jimny.

Suzuki Jimny 5-door

With Maruti Suzuki also producing the current 3-door Jimny it was mentioned that Maruti will build this 5-door version side by side and this will allow customers to get their Jimny deliveries soon.

The Japanese website also mentions that Suzuki Japan is also developing more variants of the standard Suzuki Jimny. The long-wheelbase version of the Jimny was scheduled to make an appearance at the cancelled 2021 Tokyo Motor Show (due to Covid-19).

The Japanese website also shared the dimensions of the five-door Jimny. It will be 3,850 mm long, 1,645 mm wide and 1,730 mm tall. This makes the new Jimny five-door 300mm longer than the Jimny 3-door.

The Jimny width and height remain unchanged. All the added length has been to the wheelbase, which is now 2,550 mm so the 3-door Jimny’s approach and departure angles should not be greatly impacted. The front track remains unchanged at 1,395mm as does the rear at 1,405mm.

This 2022 Suzuki Jimny 5-door will get a new turbo-petrol engine. This would be an updated version of the 1.0-litre BoosterJet turbo-petrol producing 112hp and 150Nm.

Suzuki Motor will also offer the 5-door Jimny with a 48v mild-hybrid system for the European buyers. The current Jimny 3-door was discounted in Europe this year due to CAFÉ regulations. The regulation value after 2021 is 95g/km for passenger cars and the CO2 emission of the European Jimny is 138g/km (NEDC: European new fuel consumption measurement method) right now.

This fourth generation Jimny continues with its ladder frame construction which will sit on live axles at both ends for the longer wheelbase version. There is also the AllGrip Pro 4WD system with a low-range transfer case as well as a brake-based limited-slip differential.

A hill-hold and hill-descent function will also be made available. The Jimny in three-door form has a 27-degree approach, 28-degree ramp break-over and 48-degree departure angle. Ground clearance is 210 mm, so the 5 door version will continue to have similar off road capability.

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