The Sport Mobility Concept Previews A Rally-Ready Subaru EV

Is this concept a preview of what the next Subaru Impreza could look like?

It seems the in thing to do at the ongoing Japan Mobility Show is to showcase an electrified sports car, with even Subaru being swept up in this trend. Though unlike the svelte and sleek concepts of Mazda’s Iconic SP and Honda’s Prelude, the Pleiades marque has instead gone down the Nissan Hyper Force route and went full-on boxy with its Sport Mobility concept.  

A rather stubby-looking design in itself already with its squared off front and short rear (which is actually strangely reminiscent of the original Impreza), Subaru has further added to the bluntness of this concept’s look by adding some boxy over-fenders to further square up its stance. The use of straight lines where curves should be used is continued too with hexagonal fog lights that are neatly integrated alongside the slim set of headlights up front, in addition to curiously hexagonal forged carbon aero wheel covers.  

The front and rear bumpers, as well as its side sills are also similarly finished in forged carbon. Blue accents meanwhile that peek out from behind the grey bodywork on the wheels and its arches just add that final bit of pizzazz to this already visually unique exterior aesthetic.

Moving onto what drives said wheels now, the only bit of detail that has been revealed in this regard is for the Sport Mobility concept to feature a fully electric drivetrain that ‘evokes the evolution of the Subaru Sport values’. The Japanese automaker has curiously stated for this concept to be capable of ‘controlling all four wheels at will’, which could perhaps imply that there might be some degree of all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering? 

Subaru has also touted for this concept to ‘express the enjoyment that Subaru offers in the age of electrification, embodying the pleasure of going anywhere, anytime, and driving at will in everyday to extraordinary environments’. Though how that translates into the Sport Mobility essentially featuring a cabin that is lifted straight out of a Solterra e-SUV is anyone’s guess. 

With such a production ready interior however, could Subaru be actually thinking of putting the Sports Mobility concept into production? Well unfortunately, the Japanese automaker has already stated that this particular show car will remain strictly as such for the foreseeable future. 

That said though, there is a chance that this concept may influence future models. And with Subaru already confirming to be working on an electrified version of its WRX, there is therefore potentially still the smallest sliver of hope yet for the Sport Mobility to actually make it into production.   

Joshua Chin

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