Subaru BRZ Touge Limited Edition Lands In Italy

This special Subaru BRZ is adorned with some gold OZ wheels and an STI body kit. 

Subaru has recently revealed a new special edition BRZ, for which they have christened the Touge. 

The Japanese word for mountain pass, Touge is actually perhaps the best name there is for a special edition variant of a car that is really only around because of Initial D. So it is rather unfortunate then for this particular trim of the BRZ to only be available in Italy, and to only 60 units too. 

Happily however to those who missed the chance to get one of these special editions, it is really not all that hard to replicate it at home with a normal BRZ. That is as the only majorly unique aspects with this Touge Edition are to be its gold 18-inch OZ Racing Ultraleggera alloy wheels, and a mild STI-branded body kit. 

Going into a bit more detail regarding each of these add-ons, the set of strikingly gold 18-inch alloys (which incidentally weigh only 8.7 kg each) comes adorned with custom red Touge center caps and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 215/40 tires. Buyers who however for whatever reason think this iconic Subaru Blu Pearl and gold wheel combination is a bit too showy can opt instead to have the original BRZ set of dark grey wheels, in which case the tires will be Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905s. 

Moving onto the bodykit meanwhile, the Touge limited edition nets a more prominent front splitter up front, STI-branded side skirt extensions round the side and a larger spoiler as well as diffuser round the rear. All of which are however incidentally already available individually as optional extras in its native homeland, meaning that any normal BRZ owner can technically buy it off the shelf and bolt it onto their sports coupe if they so choose too. 

Unique though to the BRZ Touge are nevertheless larger dual exhaust tips featuring the ‘Touge’ lettering that are crafted by the Italian tuner Supersprint. Cosmetic tailpipes unfortunately do not do much to boost the performance figures of this Subaru’s 2.4-litre naturally aspirated boxer, which still outputs the standard (for Europe) 234 PS and 250 Nm of torque. 

This BRZ Touge also nets a few custom interior details too, like numbered door sills and the black-and-red leather and ultrasuede upholstery. Though is all this relatively minor add-ons enough to justify the €49,500 (RM 246,000) that Subaru is charging for this special edition sports car in Italy? 

Now before answering that, it is perhaps worth noting that this special edition incidentally coincides with the first time Subaru to be officially offering this particular sports coupe in Italy. What more too is that due to emissions restrictions, the 60 units of this limited edition may represent a large chunk of the overall BRZ allocation. So with that in mind then, maybe nearly €50,000 is then about right for what could be the last of the pure (manual-equipped) sports cars to be sold in Europe(?)

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