Netizens Recover Stolen Nissan R32 Skyline

The power of the internet has been used for good, for a change. 

A Nissan R32 Skyline that was reportedly stolen on Monday night has finally been recovered after 2 days, thanks to the help of Internet. 

Late Monday night, posts regarding a missing blue Skyline R32 that was reported missing from the parking lot of a condominium in Cheras begin to appear on Facebook. Car enthusiasts around Malaysia was alerted to the fact that a blue JDM icon was in the process of being stolen. 

The current owner of the R32 was currently in Singapore when the car was reported missing. So, in a stunning show of solidarity and togetherness, Malaysian netizens banded together to search for this now internet-famous Skyline. Car enthusiasts all over the peninsula were on the look out for AFF 90. 

Nearly a day after the Skyline went missing, netizens were able to catch a glimpse of this elusive sports car out on the road in Jasin, Melaka. The message spread through the car groups like wildfire and eventually netizens around the area were out in force trying to track the R32. Judging by the social media chatter it would seem every car enthusiast in Melaka was out there spotting and/or coordinating the search for this Skyline. Those not actively searching were giving tips on tailing the stolen vehicle or sharing the various posts to raise awareness of the missing R32. 

Alas, even with all this effort from the internet community, the trial went cold after its initial sighting. 

Amazingly however, the good folk on the Internet never gave up, and eventually managed to recover the stolen car in a condominium car park in Balakong. It would appear that this small part of the internet breathed a collective sigh of relief when pictures of the R32 was spotted wearing a wheel clamp. 

Perhaps in a bid to avoid detection, the number plate for the Skyline has been rearranged from AFF 90 to FAF 60. The large rear wing of this blue R32 has also appeared to be stolen off it during its two day misadventure with the thieves. That said, missing wing aside, what is important is that the car was recovered largely intact and in a comparatively short time. 

From the pictures of the stolen-recovered vehicle, it would appear that the thieves gained access through picking the lock on the driver’s door. Unfortunately though, the people responsible for this heinous crime were unable to be apprehended, even if they did amazingly manage to do a round trip from KL to Melaka and back to KL in a car that was on every enthusiast’s watch list. 

Hopefully these criminals would one day be caught. For now at least though, the owner of this particular Godzilla can finally rest easy again knowing his car is safe once more. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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