Speeding Perodua Myvi Crashes Into Van, Causing It To Flip

A grim reminder as to why speeding on public roads should be actively discouraged. 

For those who were on the internet yesterday might have come across a horrific viral accident involving a speeding Perodua Myvi crashing into the back of a van, causing it to flip to its side. 

Occurring near Pangsapuri Enggang in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong at around 3 p.m yesterday (22nd February), the main casualty of this gruesome incident is undoubtably the van. That was because following the high-speed rear end impact by the red Myvi, the van was not only toppled on its side, but the entire rear axle was bent about 40º to its body. 

As for the Myvi meanwhile, the speeding Perodua suffered heavy damage to its front, especially on the front left corner, as a result from nerfing the van during the accident. 

Interestingly though, photos of the aftermath of the crash reveals that the Myvi had also suffered substantial damage to its rear end. This arose as a result of the rear end of the Myvi hit a Proton Waja that was next to the van at the time when the Perodua was launched into a spin from its initial collision with the van. 

Now while on the topic of vehicles that were in the vicinity of the crash, video footage of the accident showed that there was a motorcyclist too that was very in the collision course when the Myvi span. Thanks to sheer luck however, said motorcyclist somehow managed to avoid the incident entirely and escaped from this incident unharmed. 

That said, things aren’t so lucky for the van driver however, who has since been admitted into Serdang Hospital for further treatment after sustaining heavy injuries as a result of this accident. According to Head of Selangor’s Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT), Superintendant Azman Shari’at, details of the van driver have not yet been obtained from the hospital and further investigations in regards to the cause of this accident are still underway. 

Speaking further about this incident, Superintendant Azman has stated that the driver of the Myvi has been subsequently arrested after initially attempting to flee the scene of the crash. Urine-test results showed that the driver was free from drugs, but the police will still be conducting a breathalyser test against the man. 

Police have requested for a remand against the 26-year old who has had no prior criminal record according to Section 42 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987. Additionally, the police are also requesting the public for any further information relating to this crash. 

Judging from the footage of the crash, it looks as if the driver of the Myvi was perhaps overtake the slow moving cars ahead of it to get in front of what is a clear stretch of road ahead. Unfortunately, he misjudged the gap between the Waja and the motorcycle, thus caused this ensuing accident. 

Whatever the reason for this crash however, it is clear to see that the Myvi was going way too fast, and the driver was driving way to recklessly, on a public road, and hence has landed an innocent man in hospital. Let this be a reminder therefore to everyone that the public roads are not your own personal automotive playground and speeding should be actively discouraged. Just take these urges to the track instead. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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