Why Do Some Auto Manufacturers Buy AWARDS

Awards should be won with integrity and hard work and not just bought

We have seen over the decades how many organizations create ‘homegrown’ award ceremonies and then ‘sell’ them to companies who in turn use these ‘winning awards’ as marketing tools to ‘fool’ Malaysians into trusting their products of services.

Over the decades we have seen tuition centers, kindergartens, colleges and education centers winning un-heard off awards multiple times. Some even win the exact same award in the exacts same year as another rival. How is this possible.

The same goes for housing developers and property websites. They are ALL winners. Fancy award dinners where the ‘table’ cost can be more than RM25,000 (that’s dinner for just 10 persons max and without an open bar)

car awards

Then there is the much talked about automotive awards. Now this is our area of concern. The above mentioned don’t matter to us as we have not subscribed or used any of the above services when they are multiple award winners. We only look at who is behind the organization and their years of experience. All the fancy award trophies at their reception are just ornamental to us.

Now, back to automotive awards. Over the last 3 decades we have seen a number of interesting ‘paid’ awards (either expensive dinner tickets or advertising contracts signed in advance).

These ‘paid’ awards have no real judges, judging team or even an evaluation system. It is completely run by the marketing and sales team and based on how much money is paid, we ‘have a winner’!

Surprisingly, there are some (NOT ALL) Malaysian auto manufacturers who will pay to get an award. Then they will proudly advertise their win with a press release and a showing of the ‘made in Pertama Complex’ trophy.

This is where many car buyers who are less informed ‘THINK’ they are going to be buying real winning product as they have been awarded a trophy from a reputable organization.

Well, this is why we started the DSF Vehicle Of The Year awards a decade ago in partnership with ALLIANZ General Insurance who wanted a fully transparent and FREE automotive awards event. No payment, no early indication on who wins and no dinner and drinks ticket to be purchased.

All car companies can participate for FREE and all they need to do is to allow the 3 judges to test drive their new vehicles and ONLY on the awards night will be the winners be notified.

This way it is totally a surprise win and there are NO fees at all. This is how international auto awards are conducted and we at are proud to claim that we follow the same principals.

Working with a highly reputable partner like ALLIANZ General Insurance who sponsors the event 100 percent allows us to claim to be the ONLY true and honest automotive awards event in Malaysia.

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