The Rezvani Beast Is A Supercar With A Smokescreen Option

This rebodied Corvette C8 also comes with an armoured exterior panel and bulletproof glass option. 

While Aston Martin may be forever synonymous with James Bond, it is a pity therefore that the cars it offers in the showroom do not tend to come with all the gadgets as kitted out by Q. Happily for the wannabe 007s out there however, Californian-based Rezvani may be able to help those who want their spy supercar fix with their latest Beast. 

Rather different to the first iteration of the Beast (which was a 700 hp Ariel Atom-based carbon bodied sports car) this Mk2 version is to be based off a C8 Corvette instead. Though while the usual car stuff with this admittedly sleek supercar merits discussion later on here, it would be remissed not to touch first on the headline fact that this supercar could be equipped with a smokescreen feature!

And that’s not all too, because as part of its aptly-named 007 option, this $45,000 (RM 215,000) add-on package to the Beast also brings with it electrified door handles, thermal night vision and a pair of gas masks for a proper Bond car experience. A pepper spray dispenser, magnetic deadbolts, first-aid and hypothermia kits are included as part of this add-on as well, as are a full complement of strobe lights and sirens to get anyone out of one’s way too.  

It is however sad to report that a full-car cloaking device and an ejector seat are not to be on the list of spy features available, with no box to tick for the provisions of machine guns that could sprout out from its bumpers too. Though for an extra $55,000 (RM 263,000), Rezvani will nevertheless be more than happy to add bulletproof glass and armoured exterior panels to the Beast, with there also being the option for an explosive device detection system, but the price for this particular bit of kit remains a mystery thus far. 

Getting away from the Bond gadgets now and discussing further regarding the car said kit could be attached to meanwhile, this C8-based supercar actually won’t need all that cool spy tech to evade baddies. Such is because with the pair of turbochargers Rezvani has strapped to the stock 6.2-litre American V8 heart, this 1,000 horsepower Beast, with its quoted century sprint time of 2.5 seconds and quarter-mile time of 9.6 seconds, should really not have any problem outrunning just about anything on the road today. 

While the Bond tropes may have already been a bit overplayed in this article too, it should be highlighted that the styling of this Beast does look a lot like the Aston Martin Vulcan. Featuring a much sleeker front end than the C8 Corvette on which it is based and a rump that has more than a bit of Maserati MC20 to it, Rezvani has topped this arguably sleek exterior aesthetic with a pair of ‘dragon wing’ doors, which in turn opens up to a cabin highlighted by an apparently F1-inspired steering wheel that has the top bit missing. 

Rezvani is currently asking an eye-watering $485,000 (RM 2.3 million) for this second-iteration Beast, and bear in mind that this is before any of the cool options have been factored in too. Though even for those who have that cash to be a real-life Bond, it might be a tough task to get one, as only 20 are planned for production thus far. Perhaps some 007-level suave persuasion skills might be in order then to get one’s name on the allocation…

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