How some AP car importers sell you accident damaged cars

For years there have been some Malaysian Approved Permit (AP) holders importing accident damaged cars and then getting them refurbished/reconditioned/repaired here in a Malaysian workshop and sold to unsuspecting buyers as ‘accident free’ cars. Recently a local company company working with Japanese importers have disclosed how an imported car’s history can be checked for a fee.

The uproar from Malaysian car buyers after our article went viral were quick and many buyers went and checked the history of the imported Japanese reconditioned/gray cars. For some the news was good. All 100% accident free. But many others found the ugly truth about their expensive imported cars history. However, they could not get their money back from the shady importer/car seller as there is no strong foundation for legal action. They just had to live with the ugly truth and hope one day in the future, when they sell their reconditioned car, the new owner would not be clued in to check the cars history.

Now, we at want as many of you reconditioned car buyers to take note what to do to check your soon to buy car status from Japan. This is where you need to go and get a report. Make sure you check BEFORE you buy:

Meanwhile we ask the question, why is there no action against the customs department officers who allowed these accidents damaged cars to be cleared from our ports and with a substantially lower tax paid?

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and its agencies should be having officers positioned in Japan and England (where a lot of European right hand drive cars come from) to ensure all cars destined for Malaysia is accident free and with a detailed report (like what is shown above) included which is paid for by car AP holders. What do you think? Makes sense?

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