Get RM 4 Cashback By Paying With ShopeePay At BHPetrol

ShopeePay has partnered with BHPetrol to offer RM 4 cashback for a minimum spend of RM 40. 

BHPetrol has recently announced that it will be accepting the ShopeePay eWallet as a mode of payment at all of its service stations nationwide. 

Moreover, to further entice the use of this novel new payment method at BHPetrol, users of this eWallet are now entitled to receive a cashback of RM 4 with a minimum spend of RM 40 for the purchase of fuel products and/or BHPetromart items in a single transaction. It is worth noting though that customers are only entitled to a total of three cashbacks, and is only applicable to the  first 87,500 transactions performed during the promotional campaign period which runs from the 1st of March to the 30th of April. 

Another step towards the digitalisation of its services by the fuel distributor, this partnership with the ShopeePay mobile wallet is touted to provide added convenience to the customer and is in line with the government’s MyDigital contactless payment push. The timing of this promotion too, in conjunction with the national Covid-19 vaccine rollout, has been claimed to be enable the maximum number of its customers to enjoy the benefits of this promotion as travel and therefore fuel demand picks up again locally. 

With regards to this newly launch mode of payment and ongoing promotion, BHPetrol Marketing General Manager Lawrence Chuah said “At BHPetrol, we are always looking at ways to improve our offers in providing the best quality fuels, exciting offers and convenience for our customers; and so partnering with e-wallets like ShopeePay is a great example of an exciting promotion that also provides convenience to the customers. This is not only a natural progression due to the Covid-19 situation, but also in line with the Government’s agenda that was announced in MyDigital which aggressively pushes for the adoption of contactless payment, while more importantly satisfy the change of consumer behavior towards more options of digital payment.”  

Chuah added that BHPetrol has always been heeding to customer needs and being ahead of the game is important. “It is our nature to be progressive and hence, it was not difficult for us to maneuver and ride the changing tides. Accepting ShopeePay as an added payment mode offers our consumers more choice. We will always go further to help serving and rewarding our customers better.”

Meanwhile, Head of ShopeePay Alain Yee said “As economic sectors slowly begin to reopen and Malaysians head out for business as usual, the demand for petrol is set to rise again. We have timed our partnership as such that it would be launched to best benefit Malaysians as this collaboration with BHPetrol will see ShopeePay users be rewarded with attractive cashback. This will also help put more money back into the pockets of BHPetrol customers.”

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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