Proton’s Next SUV, The Geely Bin Yue Design Direction

Its coming to ASEAN and it is going to give the Japanese and Korean brands a run for their sales numbers, this is the Bin Yue crossover. Designed in Shanghai by a young and global design team, the Bin Yue’s design is based on Geely’s latest “Racing through Time” aesthetics. The team is lead by Jamie Liam Barret – Exterior Designer. Sharp body curve, capturing the direction of the wind, help every adventure. Young fashion sense, confidence and speed of movement. Design concept based on the “Times of Racing Aesthetics”.

Then there is Cong Mei Song – Interior Designer. In the new cockpit, the future is at your fingertips. Technology and humanity are perfectly balanced at this moment. Inspired from sci-fi movies, Star Wars and finally there is Gu Mian – Color Fabric Designer. Non-black or white is too boring. Bold color, add color to youth. Binyue Sports Edition, the contrast color design treats the red and black colors separately, while retaining the sensory stimulation to reduce visual fatigue. In the choice of fabrics, the texture of carbon fiber has become the first choice for sports, and more in front and rear bars and rearview mirrors.

The front exterior of the Bin Yue adopts Geely’s expanding cosmos grille with a twist, instead of the traditional cosmos that was shown on previous Geely vehicles, depth has been added to create the image of a vast expanse of stars with radiant headlamps that shine like dazzling stars. The wing-shaped waistline going from front to rear outlines the dynamic power inherent in the model. Complementing the waistline are the stylish Wings of time tail lamps.

The Bin Yue interior design has been inspired by the enveloping cockpit of a jet plane, which is full of technology. The instrument panel curves from the screen to the door panel creating a wide visual experience. The 7-inch LCD instrument cluster displays a wide-range of information including telephone, multimedia, navigation and driving assistance, and more. Also included is a 10.25-inch high-definition floating infotainment panel with a unique 8:3 large widescreen design. The screen’s 1920*720 HD resolution gives users a cinema-quality audiovisual experience.

The matte metal brushed strips are used in large areas of the interior panels. Many parts have also been inspired by sci-fi elements such as supersonic fighters and Star Wars such as the air conditioner which looks like jet engine outlets. The interior of Bin Yue comes in three color options: cool black, elegant brown, or dynamic red and black.

With its leading BMA modular architecture, advanced engine and gearbox, outstanding design, L2 autonomous driving capabilities, and rich configuration, the Bin Yue has re-defined what it means to be a smart compact SUV. As the newest representation of Geely Auto’s entry into an era of high-tech and high-quality vehicles, the Bin Yue not only enriches Geely Auto’s product lineup, it has also set a new benchmark for compact SUVs.

The Bin Yue will be launched into global markets in the coming months.

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