Proton X70 Showcases Its Sturdiness In Recent Head-On Crash

The occupants within the X70 walked away from this moderately massive crash with only light injuries. 

There could well be just the slightest hint of Volvo DNA within the X70, as one of these Geely-based Proton SUVs has recently come out rather well in a recent accident with an as-yet-undetermined black hatchback (possibly a Myvi?).

The finer details regarding this crash are unfortunately still largely unknown thus far. Though according to the Facebook post of this accident posted by the X70 driver, he and his wife in the Proton SUV only sustained light injuries from the crash. A testament perhaps to the Proton X70’s 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating. 

Given that photos of the crash shows for the door of the black hatchback can still be opened somewhat normally though, it would also be reasonable to infer that the occupants within it would have been able to walk away from this crash. But as that the front wheel is almost where the hatchback driver’s leg would have been, said occupants will probably have unfortunately suffered more than just light injuries from this accident. 

From the fact that the front of the black hatchback is all but gone too, it can be further deduced that one or both vehicles were travelling at rather high speed before the eventual head-on impact. In fact, the yellow arrows behind the X70 and road where the accident occurred could hypothesised for the hatchback to possibly be attempting an overtake on the single-file road, with the Proton coming on the other way swerving hard to the left in a failed attempt to avoid a collision. Hence why the hatchback collided squarely with the front right corner of the SUV. 

Now perhaps the most interesting thing regarding the post on this crash is that while many of the comments were wishing the victims well, there were also not an insignificant amount of references to the eventual repair hell that this X70 owner will have to go through from just waiting for parts in order to get their SUV to be roadworthy again. Though to paraphrase a comment from the post of this accident, fixing a damaged car is certainly to be less painful than mending broken bones. 

Joshua Chin

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