Perodua Currently Targets To Increase Its Exports By 79% In 2024

Perodua is currently aiming to sell 1,960 cars outside of Malaysia in the whole of 2024.  

While Perodua isn’t to exactly be short of business over here, the top-selling marque in Malaysia has nevertheless decided that it wants to spread its sales further afield for 2024. 

millennial AXIA

And to that end, Perodua has since proclaimed that it intends to ramp up its exports by a whopping 79% for this year. Though it is worth highlighting that this would only equate to a comparatively modest 1,960 cars, seeing as the Malaysian automaker managed to only ship 1,094 units outside of our shores in the year prior. 

Now as for export destinations that Perodua intends to focus on for its expansion ambitions this year, Brunei was identified as among the key potential markets. In fact, the Malaysian automaker has since recently expanded its offerings over there to include the new Alza and Axia. 

More specifically, Perodua has launched the AV and H variants of the Alza in Brunei at a price of B$30,900 (RM 110,000) and B$27,900 (RM 100,000) respectively. The Axia meanwhile lands over there in AV and G trims, with their respective prices being B$21,900 (RM 77,000) and B$17,900 (RM 63,000). 

Perodua is currently targeting to sell around 120 and 40 units of the Alza and Axia respectively in Brunei over the course of this year, with the existing sole model it carried over there (the Bezza 1.0 G) targeted to contribute another 300 units, to an overall 460 car total sales forecast over there for 2024.

Perodua Bezza

The word ‘another’ in the paragraph above incidentally does double duty too, as Perodua previously managed to shift exactly that number of Bezzas in the tiny Bornean nation in 2023. And rather interestingly enough as well, that 300 unit sales figure was enough for Brunei to become Perodua’s top export destination for the prior year.   

“We foresee 2024 to be our first year of our export expansion as we are now at a point where the Malaysian automotive ecosystem would be able to cope with the ever-growing demand of our vehicles both within and outside the country,” Perodua President and Chief Executive Offer, Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad said. He further expects the growth in the automaker’s exports to continue, as the company will be aggressively expanding its operations and its vendors’ production capabilities.

“Brunei is the first export market we are expanding to without compromising domestic allocation of our vehicles. In fact, we have significantly reduced the waiting period for most of our popular models and even have ready stock for selected models. In addition, our targeted increase in exports will also give greater opportunities for our vendors to grow their sales volume in tandem with the need for spare parts,” Dato’ Sri Zainal added.

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