Perodua Myvi Launched In Brunei. Local Myvi SE soon?

The Perodua Myvi is now being sold in Brunei. Having been successfully exported to other markets like Singapore and Mauritius, the third generation of this Malaysian icon has reached the shores of the tiny wealthy nation three years after its local debut. 

Officially distributed through GHK Motors, 2 variants of Malaysia’s most popular compact hatchback is being offered. The 1.3 litre G spec selling for B$17,246 (RM53,000) and the one generating all the buzz — the 1.3 litre S-edition. 

Myvi S-edition

Both variants sold there are functionally identical the local G (read: base) variant of this 5 door Malaysian hatchback. The sole 1.3 litre dual VVT-i engine option for the Bruneian market is mated to the same well-proven four speed automatic gearbox and generates a power and torque figure of 94 hp and 121 Nm respectively. The list of standard equipment for both G and S-edition variants is also the same as the G variant offered locally. Both variants comes as standard with 4 airbags, rear reverse sensors, a standard head unit with USB input only and the usual array of safety features: ABS with EBD, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control. 

Interestingly though, the high spec 1.3 X variant sold locally was not exported to Brunei. This variant utilises the same powertrain but offers many more appealing features like Hill Start Assist, Eco Idle stop-start system, leather wrapped steering wheel, folding wing mirrors and even front fog lights. However for whatever reason, GHK Motors decided to market this S-edition instead, which brings us neatly onto the S-edition. 

As implied before, the Myvi S-Edition is strictly an appearance package on top of the poverty-spec 1.3 G variant. The major design addition consists of only the body kit that somewhat resembles the one seen on the Myvi GT previewed in KLIMS 2018, with no power or any performance upgrades to speak of. 

Myvi GT rendering from KLIMS

On the front of the S-edition Myvi is a new more aggressive bumper that features a larger front air intake flanked by deeper front air dams on either side. It is worth reiterating that these larger air intakes that are covered in hexagonal mesh perform no performance function at all. The hexagonal mesh continues to the new grille, which is now painted in satin grey and has an additional lip to cover part of the new front bumper. The integrated splitter is a nice sporty touch but the Vios-like integration of the daytime running lights seem like an afterthought.  

S-edition Myvi

Along the sides, the S-edition is treated to some body coloured side skirts with satin grey accent trim pieces. The satin grey accent theme continues with a racing stripe in that colour running across the waistline of the Myvi. Unique 14 inch wheels finished in satin grey is exclusive to the S-edition and is incidentally one inch smaller than the 1.5 models sold locally. Lastly, a rear diffuser and large rear wing on this front wheel drive car rounds off the design of this ‘sporty’ hatchback. 

To some in the Myvi community, the launch of this S-edition with this body kit in Brunei points to to signs of an SE edition of this third generation Myvi, a continuation of the name seen on previous generations of this Malaysian icon. Others however are questioning the reason why didn’t this variant make its way to the local market before being exported, as the bodykit on the S-edition launched in Brunei is completely different to the GearUp accessories sold for the Myvi in Malaysia. 

So why didn’t the Brunei market S-edition just receive the GearUp accessories instead of this bespoke bodykit?

A simple explanation to this is that the bodykit on the S-edition could be a dealer installed option. It is also not uncommon for the foreign markets to receive options not available in Malaysia, even on Malaysian cars. The most known example of this is the sunroof option offered on European spec Proton Sagas in the early 90s. 

Myvi Perodua

Perodua Malaysia has yet commented on whether the S-edition is coming to Malaysia. However if it does come, hopefully this appearance pack would feature on the 1.5 litre Myvi as well so there is at least some notion of performance to live up to its ‘sporty’ design. 

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