8 Reasons Why The Perodua ALZA Is A Great TAXI

So why do we think this latest ALZA has all the qualities to be a great Malaysian TAXI

Lets get straight into the eight reasons……..

  1. Its priced right for a large vehicle 6 seat vehicle.
  2. With the 3rd row seats folded, it makes for a great airport taxi for 4 adults and their luggage.
  3. Its 15L engine is robust and fuel efficient.
  4. The previous ALZA has been a reliable ‘ride-hailing’ vehicle for many Malaysians without a hint of complaints.
  5. Rear climate control vents assure a comfortable ride for passengers
  6. The rear loading height makes it easy to load luggage, shopping and more.
  7. There is a Perodua after sales nearly everywhere to provide good after sales for TAXI drivers to get back on the road earning an income.
  8. Resale values for the older ALZA are very good and this new ALZA should be the same.


Meanwhile, the first ever Perodua Alza model arrived almost 14 years ago in November 2009 and since then there have been a number of very successful facelifts and product updates to keep it a popular seller. However it was NEVER used as a TAXI in Malaysia.

It is interesting to note that over 13 years of being on sale, the first generation ALZA has had only one real rival in Malaysia which is the Toyota Avanza and this is more like a van.

With this all new ALZA, its direct rival from Toyota is the Veloz (the Avanza range will not be sold in Malaysia anymore) which in many ways is the all new 2023 model ALZA (pictured below) and it shares so many similarities, it confuses some Malaysian buyers.

Interestingly, Perodua is partially owned by Daihatsu and Toyota and so the powertrain technology, platform and also design language comes from Japan with a lot of input from the Perodua team in Malaysia as this is an ASEAN brand for local and also export sales.

Now, this latest ALZA has an asking price from RM62k to RM75k which is not that much more from the first launch price 13 years ago. Then, the ALZA 1.5L was priced from RM58k (automatic) to RM64k (premium automatic).

Now, the Toyota Veloz is in many ways is actually the direct sibling to the all new 2023 ALZA and it shares so many similarities, which confuses some Malaysian buyers.


Interestingly, there is a RM20k added price difference and we are sure there will be some buyers wanting that Toyota badge and willing to make the added monthly payments just to be driving a Toyota.

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