Can My VW Golf Mk5 Radio Display Be Repaired?

Its been almost 6 months since the in-car entertainment screen on my 5th generation Volkswagen Golf GTI started getting blur. It was like a slow avalanche of blurriness and now the display is almost 90% gone (as you can see from these pictures).

This btw is the second head-unit as the first and original head-unit that came with the car from the factory experienced the same symptoms after 3 years in our care and some 4 years ago we bought this replacement unit in order to keep our VW Golf interior looking as factory standard as possible.

Biggest mistake we made 4 years ago was going to back to the factory head unit when everyone around us advised to install an aftermarket unit with more functions and it would have cost somewhat cheaper. Still we learn from our mistakes and now this 4-year old head-unit only really did its job for 3 and a half years and now we need a fix if possible.

Can anyone reading this assist us or advice us where we can go to fix this screen, or do we need to chuck it which is a real shame as besides the blur screen, this in car entertainment unit is working perfectly fine and the knobs and switches are not weathered at all.

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  1. The screen on the MK5 can be repaired. I just got mine done today. Email me if u need help. I can refer u to the workshop that can do it.

    1. Hi, apologies for the late reply. Please contact Peter from Automart at 012-232 8215…he fixed my screen like new.

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