Nissan Elgrand gets full Skyline sedan treatment

The Nissan ElGrand was first introduced in 1997 and followed by the second generation in 2002. This Elgrand has been highly praised by customers for its comfort, styling and driving performance. It has been dubbed the “King of Minivans.” In this part of the world, the title goes to its rival, the Toyota Alphard and its deputy, the Toyota Vellfire. Still, the Nissan ElGrand is large, well equipped and designed for five-star passenger comfort.

Nissan ElGrand MPV

On a recent trip to Japan, we met a rather special ElGrand. A ‘Sports Concept’ version ready to deliver Nissan Skyline like performance. Tuned in house by Nissan, this ElGrand has all the existing cabin comforts with added on road zest to entertain the driver and shock some other road users with its power delivery and braking capability.

Powered by a 2.5L Nissan Skyline sedan engine and riding on 20-inch wheels, it has the Skyline Brembo brakes to stop in time. Other Skyline inspired engineering items are included under the family friendly MPV, but Nissan is not sharing the information with us.

So, if you currently own an ElGrand, here is a possible tuning idea for you to take on after COVID-19.

Nissan ElGrand Sports Premium Concept
Nissan ElGrand Sports Premium Concept
Nissan ElGrand Sports Premium Concept
Nissan ElGrand Sports Premium Concept
Nissan ElGrand Sports Premium Concept
Nissan ElGrand Sports Premium Concept
Nissan ElGrand Sports Premium Concept

PRESS RELEASE: The Nissan ElGrand interior offers a number of features designed specifically for passenger comfort, including unique, multi-function high quality seats with leg rest and the world’s first 11-inch electronic retractable monitor used in a minivan. A Private Theater System powered by a Bose® 5.1 Surround Sound System is available for the rear seats.

In addition to comfort, the new Elgrand offers class-leading fuel efficiency and dynamic performance.

The concept behind the development of the new Elgrand, “Dynamism and Luxury you can feel,” is expressed throughout the exterior and interior. The design incorporates both hallmarks of the original Elgrand – such as the blending of the two-stage headlights, thick front mask and grille into one form – with the latest technology, such as the modern 3-dimensionally designed seats.

The low and wide body proportions emphasize the Elgrand’s stability, with the dynamic lines flowing from the front and leading all the way down the sides, highlighting its powerful profile. Each pillar is blacked-out, adding to the look of strength and solidity. The darkened windows framed from the side all the way to the rear with chrome moldings is a world’s first. Rear combination lamps with horizontal and vertical lines add to its original look. Chrome-coated, polished aluminum-alloy wheels complete the luxurious and appealing appearance.

Elgrand’s high-quality interior space focuses on enveloping driver and passengers in supreme comfort. The highly functional instrument panel adds a luxurious touch, wrapped from side to side with a gradient wood-tone panel. The meter panel is illuminated with a blue ring, giving the interior a modern look and exciting feeling, while the seats allow all occupants to experience high levels of comfort.

Exhilarating Yet Fuel-Efficient Performance

The 2.5-liter Elgrand is also equipped with a vehicle-specific tuned engine, the QR25DE, with responsive acceleration from low speeds, and high torque giving the vehicle a quick, strong driving feel. The engine is rated at a maximum output of 125kW(170PS)/5600rpm and maximum torque of 245Nm(25.0kgfm)/3900rpm).

The newly refined Xtronic CVT-M6 transmission boasts significantly improved fuel economy and powerful performance. Its wide gear range and low-speed lockup function helps achieve excellent fuel mileage. Furthermore, the driver’s driving and acceleration control is automatically detected by the Adaptive Shift Control system to provide an optimized driving condition, combining superior driving performance and fuel efficiency.

Platform, Body and Suspension

The Elgrand’s platform benefits from Nissan’s excellent minivan tuning capabilities, giving it a low center of gravity, comfortable seating for seven adults and ride comfort comparable to traditional sedans.

The combination of high-performance steering and rigid shock absorbers provide outstanding straight-line stability. Both the front and rear suspension utilize aluminum links and lower load springs that are lighter than the previous Elgrand design. The rear multi-link suspension assists in providing both superior driving stability and ride comfort. Elgrand’s low center of gravity packaging, along with 4-wheel rebound spring shock absorbers, provide complete control and stability during steering and cornering. The new Elgrand offers improved steering feel with the smallest turning radius available at the M class minivan level. In addition, the 73L fuel tank form is optimized to best fit the vehicle’s body.

Quiet operation is another key element of the Elgrand platform and body structure. Significantly improved surface rigidity, a vibration-resistant floor and bead-shaped sound dampening flooring are utilized. In addition, the use of an acoustic windshield, sound insulators and strategically located dampening materials help give Elgrand the top level in noise canceling and comfort in class.

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