Morgan Mildly Tweaks Its Plus Four With A Cleaner Look For 2024

Morgan continues its incremental evolution streak on the Plus Four with yet another round of tiny, yet welcome, tweaks. 

While it may look nearly identical as when it first came out 74 years ago, Morgan has nevertheless been continually fettling with its Plus Four to keep it up to date with the times. Though funnily enough, the main goal with this particular update this time was to actually bring it back in time, at least in its design at least. 

With the sports car having grown when it moved to a modern architecture in 2020, this particular update is primarily intended to return the Plus Four to its traditional proportions from before. So to that end, this British sports car’s front and rear wings are entirely new this time round, reformed using a new cold forming technique for more precise surface detailing to better visually hide its new-found size.

The Plus Four’s front splitter and rear diffuser have also been redesigned for 2024, with it finished in matte black to better conceal it against the car’s new daintier curves. Its lights are new front and rear too, with the former being marginally larger (by 25 mm) than before and incorporating the main headlight beam, indicators and daytime running lights in one for a cleaner face.

Moving on within now, among the updates found in this standard leather-lined interior this time round include an enhanced Sennheiser sound system that adds hidden speakers beneath the seats and more range for bluetooth connectivity. A new aluminium rear view mirror has also joined the new wing mirrors made of the same material, with an enhanced LCD display further adding that littlest touch of modernity to this classic-look British sports car. 

Underneath it all meanwhile, the 2024 Plus Four nets new spring rates and re-valved dampers for a more refined ride. The bigger news however in this department will likely be the new option of Dynamic Handling Pack developed in collaboration with Nitron, which included new adjustable springs and dampers with an additional rear anti-roll bar. 

As per the Plus Fours after 2020 when it moved to an all-new platform, propulsion for this sub-1,000 kg car comes courtesy of a BMW-sourced 2-litre B48 turbocharged four-cylinder that packs 255 hp. Mated to either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission, the century sprint comes in 5.2 seconds or 4.8 seconds respectively, with top speed at 240 km/h for both. 

Morgan CEO Massimo Fumarola said: “Whilst other models within our line-up offer greater opportunity for experimentation, [the] Plus Four requires a more delicate approach. “We believe that the new features and detail culminate to create a fitting evolution and an immediate impression of a more refined, usable and quality sports car, yet one that remains playful and fun,” he added.

As well as the visual and mechanical changes, Morgan has generously extended the standard warranty it offers from 30 months to three full years. 2024 Plus Fours are available to order now from £62,500 (RM 375,000), with first examples set to enter production in May. 

Joshua Chin

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