Lamborghini Bids Arrivederci To The V10 With Its Huracan STJ

This send-off STJ marks not just the end of the Huracan, but to Lamborghini’s V10s as well. 

Lamborghini has recently announced that its Huracan is soon to be no more, and with that unfortunately goes its V10 too. Though both these rather tragic passings are nevertheless not to be gone with a whimper, but instead with a roar from this newly-unveiled special STJ variant of the baby bull. 

Short for Super Trofeo Jota, the STJ is set to sit above the already track-focused Huracan STO. Those expecting more firepower from this swan song for its V10 however will come away disappointed, with the naturally-aspirated 5.2-litre lump still sending the same 631 hp and 565 Nm of torque through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission to its rear wheels as the aforementioned circuit-slaying baby bull.

Having said that, there are to be some special bits on this 10-example only send-off special. Among which include a set of four-way adjustable shock absorbers on all four corners that replace the active elements on the original car, that Lamborghini claims to allow for lower spring stiffness without compromising control and feel tackling the corners hard in this Huracan. 

Ahead of these shocks meanwhile are a set of 20-inch single-nut rims, wearing specially-developed Bridgestone Potenza Race tires. New carbon ‘confango’ dive planes on its nose and an additional 3º of extra rear wing angle from its dedicated aerodynamics package too, creating what Lamborghini calls a 10% increase in aerodynamic load over the car without compromising balance.

Two liveries are to be available with these send-off special Huracans: blue with a black roof and contrasting red and white accents, or grey with the same black roof and red and white details. Both versions also feature a special, numbered carbon fibre plate marked “1 of 10”, with there being the option to add a custom plate on the passenger side according to the customer’s instructions too.

Lamborghini has yet to reveal how much these send-off STJs cost, but its all but irrelevant anyway. Such is as the supercar marque had already announced it had sold out the remaining production run of these Huracans last year, so these 10 cars have long already found their future owners.

As send-off specials go, the STJ is a bit of a damp squib to bid arrivederci to the Huracan, especially when remembering that the last Gallardo ended with the carbon-mad track-spec Sesto Elemento. Though having said that, Lamborghini did manage pull off an equally bonkers off-road-ready Sterrato version of this particular baby bull, so its about even then. 

One more little fun fact too regarding its name here, the Super Trofeo of STJ pays tribute to the Lamborghini one-make championship established in 2009, while the Jota refers to Appendix J of the FIA Regulations that sets the racing car specifications. The Jota term also has previously been present on more than a few Lamborghini models developed specifically for the track, starting from the Miura SVJ and continuing with the Aventador SVJ.

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