Modenas Vulcan S In Kawasaki Showrooms From RM36,500

Modenas Vulcan S is designed and engineered to allow you to tackle every corner and turn perfectly.

Edaran Modenas Sdn Bhd or EMOS has just revealed the price of its latest “Sports Cruiser”, the Modenas Vulcan S (ABS).

The Modenas Vulcan S is the perfect companion to tackle all the corners and turns that one may encounter and features Kawasaki’s renowned 649cc liquid-cooled, inline four, parallel twin engine, which is the same one used in the Kawasaki Ninja 650. In this bike, the engine is tuned to make 44.7kW of power and 62.4Nm of torque.

Modenas Vulcan S

Moreover, the Modenas Vulcan S also sets itself apart with the “Ergo Fit” system that uses different handlebars, seats, and a three-position foot-peg mounting system to allow riders of all sizes to use the reduced reach setting, making the bike feel like it was built specifically for every rider.

Modenas Vulcan S

Another feature of the Modenas Vulcan S that differentiate it from other cruiser bikes is the fact that the Vulcan features an 18-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel, which is close to a sports model. Most cruisers typically feature a large difference in tire size but this change allows the Vulcan to be more nimble.

Modenas Vulcan S

On top of that, The inverted triangle headlamp on the Modenas Vulcan S gives it a modern and sporty look. Atop the headlight sits a compact gauge cluster with an analogue tachometer, while all the other information is shown on the multi-function LCD display that uses a blue LED backlight for projecting excellent visibility at night.

Interestingly, this Modenas Vulcan S weighs in at a substantial 229kgs, but despite this weight, the bike is still very manoeuvrable and is very comfortable with its seat sitting just 705mm high. This means the bike is just as comfortable at low speed riding as it is at high speeds.

With all that being said, it is rather obvious that the Modenas Vulcan S kicks any riding experience into high gear. Whether it’s for daily commuting to work or enjoying a day trip, the Vulcan S simply adds confidence-inspiring performance to every situation in a way few other bikes can.

Roslan Roskan, CEO of Modenas, stated, “This is one of the Kawasaki models that has long been awaited by the customers out there. It is the motorcycle that is built to fit all sizes, all ages and not only that, but the model will also help welcome edgy riders, old and new into the sport without hurting their wallets too much.”

The Modenas Vulcan S comes in two different colours and prices, namely, Metallic Flat Spark Black which goes for RM36,500 and Pearl Matte Sage Green which will set one back RM37,200.

The bike will be available in all Kawasaki showrooms by end of March 2023. Visit the Official Modenas Website to find out more.

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