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Mercedes Benz Is Offering Classic Mercs With Warranties

Classic car enthusiasts can now buy fully restored vintage Benz from Mercedes itself. 

Enthusiasts of older Merc models rejoice! Mercedes Benz is now getting into the classic car restoration game. 

The producers of the world’s first car is now not only limited to making parts for its older models, but has also began actively selling classic fully restored Mercedes models, with a full comprehensive Mercedes warranty. So these very expensive pieces of history can be driven down the road with absolute confidence. 

Mercedes Benz All Time Stars, that is what this factory restoration program is termed, is aimed to provide the ‘easiest and safest way to a classic Mercedes-Benz.’ Based out of two locations, the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuggart and the Mercedes Benz Classic Centre in Irvine, USA, the All Time Stars program caters to any and all variety of Mercs. 

Anything from pre-war Daimlers to the gull-wing 300 SLs or the classic S-Classes of the W111 era  is available from this restoration sales program. At time of writing, there is even a few modern collector cars like a SLS AMG GT Final Edition and a black CLK200 Cabriolet up for sale. Not to mention a totally mundane 1995 W124 E200 with 48,000 km on the clock. 

As the original manufacturer of the cars that are the subject to restoration, the Mercedes Benz All Time Stars restoration program does have certain advantages over independent specialists working out in industrial estates. 

For one, the original manufacturer would be the only party to have the exact details on how the to-be-restored Benz rolled off the production line at that time. Thus, All Time Stars will be able to guarantee a nut and bolt restoration to exactly how it looked like the day it rolled off the factory all those years ago. 

Furthermore, if parts are no longer available, the original manufacturer will still have the intricate production details of said parts to be able to remanufacture it to the exact spec of the original part. Perfect for sticklers for originality.

Having the might of the manufacturer behind the restoration effort also means that genuine Mercedes parts are to be used on the restored classic. Part of the reason why Mercedes Benz will offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty on these classic Mercs. 

That being said, this peace of mind approach to classic car ownership does come at a premium. Available in three grades of restoration, ranging from Drivers Edition, then the Collectors Edition to finally the Concours Edition, it is without a doubt that none of these restored Benzes come cheap. 

Granted most of the models on offer have achieved collector car status a while ago already, and the prices of those have gone through the roof. However, even the humble W124 E200 as alluded to prior is selling for €28,490 (RM 140,300). 

On the other end of the spectrum, All Time Stars is offering a veritable variety of W111 280 SE 3.5 coupes and cabriolets for around the half million Euro mark, with this white example shown below costing €555,490 (RM 2.74 million). It is worth mentioning though that all cars sold through this program do have incredibly low milage and are accident-free. 

One more thing to note about this All Time Stars program is that the cars, rightly so, are restored to the condition and specification that it should have been when it rolled off the production line in the way back when. While this might be fine to the collectors who worship at the altar of originality, some might argue that this takes away the story of the classic car and the life it had lived till then.

It probably goes without saying that any modifications deviating from factory spec, like adding air conditioning or power steering, to make it easier to live with these classics may be frowned upon by this factory restoration program. So, if you are inclined to this idea of restoration, maybe it is better to still go back to the independent specialists instead. 

If however, you are in the market for a classic Mercedes and want one that will simultaneously offer the peace of mind not usually synonymous with classic car ownership, and also wants probably the best restored example in the world, look no further than the Mercedes Benz All Time Stars restoration sales program. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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