Subaru Wilderness Pickup Crossover Teased

Subaru releases images of what looks like Wilderness Pickup vehicle that could sell very well in North America.

Under the hood is the same 2.5L four-cylinder boxer as the regular Subaru Crosstrek Crossover, but performance is likely to be slightly better.

Power delivery is still 182 horsepower but the transmission has been swapped out for a stronger unit from the Outback Wilderness that has a steeper final drive ratio.

There had been some rumours circulating online that there would be a new limited slip rear axle but to keep costs low Subaru opted for the same brake-based software solution we see in the other Subaru Wilderness models.


Off-Road Capability

Exclusive suspension components give the Wilderness 9.3-inch ground clearance, more than a half-inch increase over the other Crosstrek models, which already were among the highest in their segment.

Longer coil springs and shock absorbers provide the added ground clearance, while special tuning helps maintain dynamic performance.

Longer travel strokes for the front and rear shock absorbers help keep the tires in contact with rough surfaces, increasing vehicle stability.

In addition, a longer dampening compression stroke helps increase absorption on rough road surfaces, providing a smoother ride. Even with its added ground clearance, the Crosstrek Wilderness maintains a low step-in height for ease of entry.

The approach angle is increased from 18.0 degrees in other Crosstrek models to 20.0 degrees on the Wilderness; the angle of departure increases from 30.1 to 33.0 degrees, and ramp break-over angle moves up from 19.7 to 21.1 degrees.

X-MODE for Maximum Control

To help maximize traction in varying condition for the Wilderness Pickup, each mode specifically optimizes the engine output and CVT ratio positions, increases the Active All-Wheel Drive engagement and enhances the control logic of the Vehicle Dynamics Control with Traction Control System.

The X-MODE display features a Roll-Angle Indicator to help the driver judge potentially hazardous situations.

When the X-MODE system is activated in the Wilderness Pickup, Low Speed / Low Ratio Gradient Control is automatically put on standby to sense when the vehicle is traveling on a steep incline at low speed.

When it does, the system shifts the CVT in the Wilderness Pickup to its lowest ratio (4.066:1). Combined with the Wilderness model’s lower differential ratios, the system also enhances rough off-pavement, low-speed drivability over rocks and other situations that require repeated on/off accelerator usage.

Standard Hill Descent Control will automatically engage individual wheel braking control on downgrades when the vehicle is driven under 12 mph with the accelerator pedal pressed less than about 10 percent, thereby helping to control vehicle speed. Active Torque Vectoring, standard on all Crosstrek models, enhances handling stability on road or trail.

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