McLaren Racing Eyes Formula E Entry In 2022

Formula E might gain a vibrant orange McLaren silent racer in the near future. 

McLaren Racing has recently announced that it is currently eyeing an entry to the Formula E racing series for its 2022/23 season, having signed an option to enter the 9th season of the electrified motorsport next year. 

While McLaren Racing doesn’t yet have a dedicated team in this particular form of motorsport, the British racing outfit has already dipped its toes into Formula E via its McLaren Applied division, by being the exclusive battery supplier to the series. Additionally, with this battery supply contract expiring in the upcoming 2021/2022 season, it therefore allows the team to join in the following season of the electrified motorsport, when the Gen 3 chassis and regulations take into effect. 

Seeing that Formula E only allows a maximum of 12 teams on the grid, if McLaren does confirm its entry into the next season of Formula E, it will be taking the place of either Audi or BMW. That is because both German automakers have recently announced that they will be discontinuing their participation in the motorsport at the end of the upcoming 2021/22 season. 

Thus far, McLaren Racing has stated that it will spend the remainder of this year evaluating the ‘feasibility of entering the series against a range of established criteria before deciding whether to proceed’. Signing an option to enter Formula E is one thing, but actually entering the motorsport in the next season still remains up in the air. 

Moreover, with rumours that McLaren eyeing an entry too to the LMDh prototype sports car category that is shared between the FIA WEC and IMSA series, the racing outfit’s entry into this electrified motorsport is still very much up in the air at the present moment. 

If however McLaren Racing does indeed sign up for Formula E in its next season, the papaya orange racing outfit will be the only manufacturer to be involved in all three of the world’s top-tier open-wheel racing series, with its existing entry in Formula 1 and Indycar making up the other two spots in the open-wheel racing trifecta. 

PRESS RELEASE: McLaren Racing announced today it has signed an option to enter the FIA Formula E World Championship in Season Nine (2022/23), as part of its ongoing evaluation of potential new motorsport platforms.

The option provides McLaren with the choice to enter the championship as one of a maximum 12 entries for the 2022/23 season.

McLaren Racing is precluded from competing as a team in Formula E while McLaren Applied is the exclusive battery supplier to the series. However, with that contract expiring at the end of the 2021/22 season, the team can now consider participation.

McLaren Racing will spend 2021 continuing to evaluate the feasibility of entering the series against a range of established criteria before deciding whether to proceed.

Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing, commented: “We’ve been closely observing Formula E for some time and monitoring the series’ progress and future direction. The opportunity to take an option on an entry, together with the completion of the McLaren Applied supplier contract with the FIA at the end of Gen 2, gives us the necessary time to decide if Formula E is right for McLaren as a future competition platform.”

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