Mazda MX-5 Updated With New LEDs & LSD For 2024

The Mazda MX-5’s 1.5-litre four-banger also nets a few extra horses through this update. 

While it certainly does not look it, Mazda’s fourth-generation MX-5 has actually been with us since 2015. And despite having a significant refresh in 2019, the Japanese automaker has nevertheless decided another one was in order for 2024, likely in order to keep this iteration of its iconic roadster around for a few more years yet. 

So what is new with the MX-5 this time round? Well starting from up front, this 2024 model nets a cleaner face from now having its daytime running lights integrated within its newly redesigned LED headlights. Its rear lights have also been fully LED-fied, with it benefiting from a new 3D look to boot. 

Though it must be said the newly cleaned-up face has been intruded upon somewhat by a small nub towards the right of the front grille, which is used to accommodate the radar sensor for the newly-available adaptive cruise control with Smart Brake Support feature. Other tech toys of note that has added to this little roadster during this most recent update meanwhile includes a new 8.8-inch central infotainment touchscreen, in addition to a slightly updated instrument cluster. 

Mazda has also apparently added a new frameless rear view mirror and updated the charging ports to USB-C, while adding too a new Aero Gray Metallic paint hue and new wheel designs in both 16- and 17-inch sizes. Prospective MX-5 owners however will likely be more interested to hear that this refreshed roadster has now gained a newly developed asymmetrical limited-slip differential (LSD), which is touted to improve the stability for versions equipped with the six-speed manual gearbox.

Furthermore, Mazda has added a new Track mode to the Dynamic Stability Control of manual models such that it intervenes less when trashing the MX-5 on track. The electric power steering has also been revised somewhat, with the Japanese automaker managing to extract a modest four extra horsepower (to 133 hp) from the smaller 1.5-litre engine available with this roadster as well. The 2.0-litre unit on the other hand produces the same 181 hp, but supposedly now has better response courtesy of some new software.

The pre-order books for this refreshed roadster has already been open in Japan, with prices for the 2024 MX-5 starting over there from ¥2,898,500 (RM 93,000). Its home market also nets a new S Leather Package V Selection variant, which combines a black exterior with a beige soft top and tan cabin. 

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