Climate Balena Bodykit Adds Edginess To The Mazda CX-5

For those who think the Kodo design on the Mazda CX-5 just isn’t sharp enough. 

Notable Japanese tuners Climate has recently launched a new bodykit for the Mazda CX-5. Thus, turning this already sharp-looking mid-sized Japanese SUV into an even more distinct looking beast on the road.  

Called the Balena, this bodykit certainly adds purpose to the styling of the CX-5. From the front, a highly creased two-piece front bumper gives this mid-sized SUV a more purposeful face. A new front grille adds to this new imposing look, now featuring vertical slats instead of just a plain black chasm. 

Smoked front LED headlights are also included in the package, as is the new front bonnet. Known as the Aero bonnet, it not only features a prominent bulge, but Maserati-styled portholes on the side of said bonnet too. All in the name of increasing the masculinity of the front end aesthetic perhaps. 

Moving down the side, the front bumper side garnishes blend seamlessly into the front over fenders, that includes a vent on its trailing edge. The widening of the CX-5 then continues with the moulded side steps, in addition to the custom side door panels, before ending at the rear over fenders. 

Tucked beneath the widened bodykit meanwhile is a set of Climate Alia M-5 BR/P 21 inch alloy wheels costing ¥72000 (RM 2,900) each. While not part of the bodykit package, these large diameter wheels that are wrapped in a thin veneer of black rubber do fill the widened arches of this family-hauler nicely. Not to mention slamming the CX-5 into the weeds and giving it that all-important stance. 

Rounding out the bodykit at the rear is a rear roof spoiler, that incidentally mounts atop the stock one on the CX-5. A rear exposed diffuser addition to the bumper is also included, featuring an F1 rain light-style third brake light and twin 100 mm diameter stainless steel tailpipes at either end. Tinted LED rear light clusters are part of the complete kit too. 

Made from fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and coming unpainted, the price of ¥598,000 (RM 23,600) for the complete kit may be a bit steep to many CX-5 owners who have taken a fancy to the menacing looks of this personalised Mazda. Luckily however, Climate will sell these bodykit pieces individually. 

Moreover, the Japanese tuner will also sell you a range of performance accessories for the CX-5. Climate branded brake callipers start from ¥49,000 (RM 1,950), and are available in black, red and even gold. Performance big brake kits are also on offer, as are lowering kits that will reduce the ride height of one’s CX-5 by 30 mm. As for the interior, a set of Climate branded interior mats cost ¥39,000 (RM 1,300) for a full set. 

To those however with the larger seven-seat CX-8 however, fret not as an equally aggressive Balena bodykit is currently in the works too. So watch this space! 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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