Maserati GT2 Race Car Unveiled +Video

This Maserati GT2 is a gem of mechanics and engineering

Engineers have produced innovative technical solutions, with futuristic, minimalist, and sculptural interiors referring to the extreme lines of the body, the Maserati GT2 is dedicated to the racing teams and gentleman drivers due to take part in the GT2 Championships.

The Trident single-seater with covered wheels is the result of a winning synergy between Maserati men and women and the avant-garde design and style that has always distinguished the creations of the Italian brand, complemented by its unmistakable flair of luxury, even when the road becomes a track.

Maserati GT2

The fierce GT2 is therefore getting ready to explore new horizons, to consolidate and define Maserati’s racing future in the world of motorsport.

Maserati GT2

Andrea Bertolini, Maserati test driver, commented: “The first few days are always quite unique, even more so for me when I was fortunate enough to bring Maserati to success at the GT1 World Championships, where I won four titles.

Maserati GT2

We are now about to get back on track with yet another wonderful car. We’ve done lots of trial runs and early feedback is positive. Getting back behind the wheel of a GT was really exciting, and I could see everyone involved was very enthusiastic and motivated.

We’ve focused on developing a product that not only stands up to its competitors but is also an ideal car for our gentleman drivers in terms of handling, comfort, and performance.

We want them to experience a unique feeling in this car. In the last few months, we’ve been working intensively in the simulator, courtesy of the commitment of a fantastic team.

I’d like to thank them, and the most positive aspect is that to follow these first few days, we’re making it all a reality is to the very greatest extent.

We have an intense series of test days ahead of us, to get us ready to get back on track.”

Meanwhile, here are some more engineering details on this Maserati. The most appealing technical specifications include the all-new patented MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) technology based on F1 engines, the ultra-light carbon fiber central monocoque – an excellent solution to have a good weight-power ratio and the lightweight full composite bodywork, where the aerodynamic features are exploited to the limit to improve the vertical load but at the same time ensuring the best efficiency in terms of drag.

Much attention has been given to the development of the correct balance of the aerodynamic load, whereas the bottom has been developed specifically to work best in synergy with the front splitter and rear wing (adjustable); it has quick-release removable bodywork for optimized component replacement; the chassis features high torsional and bending stiffness.

The power steering is full-electric. All suspension components of the car are specific racing components – there will be adjustable shock absorbers and adjustable anti roll bars in both the front and rear.

Likewise, the electronics. The 6-speed sequential racing gearbox and steering wheel paddle shift with electrical rotary gearshift actuator evoke adrenaline-fueled emotions.

This Maserati GT2 inherits the extraordinary 630CV Nettuno V6 engine from the Maserati MC20, taking it to a higher level.

The carbon fiber dashboard and the 10″ display integrated into the dashboard result in a futuristic, intuitive cabin, complemented in the bodywork by the Maserati Corse-specific painting and livery option (Blu Infinito).


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