Maserati Grecale Arriving In 2023 With Attractive Price

First seen in Malaysia in June 2022 just months after its global unveiling, the Maserati Grecale is a luxury sports SUV that joins the the Maserati Ghibli which was launched in Malaysia in 2014 and was priced from RM538,800 and the Maserati Levante S luxury SUV which is priced RM808,800 in the Naza Italia showroom.

The Grecale will offer best-in-class interior space, drive-ability, handling, acceleration (0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds with the Trofeo), top speed (285 km/h again on the Trofeo), sound quality and with an extensive use of high quality materials such as wood, carbon fiber and leather with excellent standard specifications.

Maserati Grecale

The Grecale’s six-cylinder 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine revolves around Maserati Twin Combustion (MTC) technology, which made its first appearance on the Nettuno engine, the driving force behind the MC20 with technology inherited from Formula One, based on pre-chamber architecture.

More than a technological evolution, the Grecale engines which will be constructed and assembled at the Termoli plants are the true forerunners of the Nettuno and this new family of powertrains.

The Grecale will be available to Malaysian buyers in three versions:

First the ‘GT’ which will be powered by a four-cylinder mild hybrid engine capable of delivering 296hp, then the Modena, with a four-cylinder mild hybrid 325hp engine and finally, the Trofeo which will be  powered by a high-performance 523hp V6 powerplant based on the MC20 Nettuno engine.

The Maserati Grecale range will be completed with the debut of the Full-Electric (EV) version, using 400V technology.

Developed by the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena, the new Grecale is produced at the Cassino plant in Italy and is destined to play a leading role for Maserati. An SUV with generous dimensions:

  • the Grecale is 4,846 mm long (191 inches)
  • with a wheelbase of 2,901 mm (114 inches)
  • a height of 1,670 mm (66 inches)
  • a width of 2,163 mm (85 inches Incl. mirrors)

This means it is very similar to its nearest competitor, the Porsche Macan which measures in at a length of 4,681mm, width of 1,923mm and height of 1,624mm.

Just like how the Porsche Macan is Porsche’s strongest model in terms of sales, Maserati aims to recreate that for themselves with the Grecale.

Maserati Grecale

With a rear wheel track of 1,948 mm (77 inches), it has a distinctively sporty appearance, without sacrificing comfort, which also reaches noteworthy levels in the roominess of the rear.

The Grecale accommodates up to the 99th percentile in both the front and rear seats.

A journey aboard the new Maserati model is transformed into a unique experience, combining extraordinary handling with prestigious dynamic and acoustic comfort.

The attention to detail, such as the laminated windows that guarantee optimal sound absorption, with no loss in the pleasure and uniqueness of the Maserati sound.

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