Finally a new Lotus Type 130 is confirmed

They have been very quiet for so long and the staff at the factory have had a grand ole time just rehashing current models and hoping that enough die-hard Lotus lovers will keep the business going. But this has not happened. So it was time they get back on the work horse and start earning their large salaries.

Lotus Cars UK has just announced the launch date of their first hyper-electric car. This British sports car which is now owned by Geely has given this all new sports car the name Type 130. It will be presented on July 16 at a special event in central London. Deliveries of first cars to buyers will begin in early 2020.

The new Lotus Type 130 will be the first British/Chinese joint venture model series and the first new Lotus to be presented after a break of more than ten years. In addition, it will be the most dynamic Lotus sports car to date.

This new Lotus received the name in honor of some emblematic historical machines, such as the first Type I Elite 1957 and the first machine with an extruded Type 111 Elise frame, but also because it represents the total number of “Types “introduced by Lotus throughout its 71-year history.

According to preliminary information, the electric propulsion unit will generate around 1,000hp and the driving range in electric should be at least 400km. The technology has been developed together with Williams Advanced Engineering specialists.

The car will have some transparent body panels that will see the technical parts, an active aerodynamics system and retractable cameras in place of McLaren Speedtail ‘s side mirrors .

This Lotus Type 130 will be in only have 130 units produced and will all be assembled manually at the Hethel facility in Norfolk, where the company’s headquarters have been in place since 1966.

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