Lamborghini Completes Its First Esperienza Giro In Southeast Asia

The inaugural Southeast Asian Lamborghini Esperienza Giro also coincides with the brand’s 60th anniversary. 

Lamborghini has recently celebrated the completion of its first Esperienza Giro in Southeast Asia. Coinciding with the marque’s 60th anniversary, this inaugural manufacturer-organised driving tour in the region saw over 40 cars and 100 customers from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand drive from Penang to KL over the course of three days. 

Now of course, this three-day journey that normally would take any raging bull all of probably three hours to complete was interspersed with various exclusive activities. According to Lamborghini after all, this event allowed for its participants to ‘enjoy a panoramic driving experience, indulge in exclusive cocktail receptions and Michelin-starred cuisines, before retreating to luxurious five-star accommodation over the course of the tour’. 

Starting off from Penang Island, the inaugural Southeast Asian Esperienza Giro took a leisurely drive to Ipoh, where participants of this event were welcomed by a tranquil oasis of natural hot springs, caves, and lush gardens. The convoy then proceeded onto Genting Highlands to experience breathtaking mountain scenery and vibrant entertainment, before finally in Kuala Lumpur on the third day. 

On the second night of the tour, an art piece entitled “Weaving the Future”, was unveiled in celebration of the automaker’s 60th anniversary. Created by international artist and sculptor Michelle Yap, this work supposedly blends Malaysian artisan craft with the avant-garde future of Lamborghini, artistically recreating the marque’s newly-launched Revuelto hybrid supercar. Incorporating colored LED cords and using age-old weaving techniques from Malaysia’s indigenous tribes, Yap has skillfully created a piece layered with meaning, history and futurism, mirroring Lamborghini’s evolution over the last six decades characterized by innovation, design, and performance.

“Every Esperienza Giro is a unique driving experience for our customers, and I am extremely pleased to present the first-ever Southeast Asia edition in celebration of the brand’s 60th milestone,” said Francesco Scardaoni, Regional Director of Automobili Lamborghini in the Asia Pacific region. “We are proud to welcome so many loyal Lamborghini owners from different Asian cities and look forward to creating further authentic lifestyle driving experiences and events for our customers to look forward to in the future.”

Esperienza Giro is touted by Lamborghini to be a way for owners of its cars ‘to embark on unforgettable adventures by exploring the world’s most spectacular places and roads in their own cars’. ‘The pleasure of driving, exclusivity, and time spent in luxurious locales: Esperienza Giro is the ideal way for you to satisfy your desire to drive on the road while fully immersing yourself in your passion for Lamborghini cars,’ states the promotional material for this driving tour. 

Apart from its inaugural Southeast Asian tour that took place in tropical Malaysia, the Esperienza Giro has also journeyed to other exclusive destinations on the five continents, including Italy, the United States, China, Japan, and Oceania. Lamborghini owners who are interested in participating in the upcoming tours are advised to contact their local dealers for more information. 

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