Kia EV4 Concept Previewed With A Funky Fastback Rear End

The rear end design of Kia’s recently previewed EV4 concept is interesting to say the least…

Kia has recently previewed two new all-electric concept cars during its EV day showcase. And while the boxy EV3 is already quite a striking-looking compact crossover, this EV4 sedan here meanwhile sports a design that is on a whole new level of interesting. 

Touted by the South Korean automaker to represent the purity of the ‘Power to Progress’ pillar of its ‘Opposites Untied’ design philosophy, the new EV4 is still relatively tame design-wise up front. Featuring the familiar Kia EV face with its slim LED headlights up front and a sleek silhouette round the side, the front three-quarters of this all-electric concept could indeed be called rather nice. 

Things however takes a striking turn towards the back of this concept, as what awaits at the rump of this sedan is certainly, in the kindest possible terms, interesting. Kia has been quoted for this long-tail rear end to be reminiscent of sports and racing cars, but its bulging arse flanked by droopy-looking vertical LED rear lights could also be reminiscent of deep-sea blob fishes that should never see the light of day. 

Hence perhaps the reason why Kia has actually not shared any photos of the EV3 concept directly rear-on, less it be used to scare children. Though credit where credit is due, the rear roof spoiler on this sedan with its twin integrated brake lights is actually a rather nice design touch. 

The interior of this concept sedan is also a sleek affair, with the automaker also touting a few rather clever details to complement the now-typical twin-screen Kia EV- dashboard design. These design touches include an air conditioning control panel that can be neatly stored in the centre console when not in use, in addition to applied pin-style air vents that can circulate air in novel ways throughout the cabin. 

And just to further emphasise its concept-ness, the EV4 also features a series of ‘Mind Modes’ that adjusts ambient lighting and animated ventilation patterns to suit the driver’s mood at the time. Kia has continued its showcase of the possible exotic fabrics to be seen in its future models too with this particular concept, but instead of mushroom roots as in the EV3, this sedan nets trim from recycled cotton that has been dyed with madder roots and walnut shells, in addition to hemp fibres that are used to line the table in the centre console. 

As for propulsion on the other hand, Kia has unfortunately not given away any technical details regarding the powertrain of this concept just yet. It is nevertheless all but confirmed however for the EV4 to be based upon the automaker’s E-GMP modular EV platform, though this time with only a 400 V (relative to the usual 800 V) charging architecture instead. 

Further details of the EV4 will likely be available in due course, as Kia has already planned to begin sales of this sedan come 2025. One could only hope then that the production variants may bear a slightly better-looking rump by that time…

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