Ital Auto FERRARI New Dealership Opens In Glenmarie

Ital Auto opens new Ferrari dealership right next to Lamborghini KL

Ital Auto is the new brand guardian for Ferrari in Malaysia (Naza Italia has been retired after more than a decade of running the business) and they have just opened their all new temporary showroom and after-sales and service center in Glenmarie automotive hub.

Meanwhile, this brand new Ital Auto Ferrari workshop is already open and running with cars getting serviced and fixed and the shiny new Ferrari signboard has just gone up.

In case you were wondering, this new facility is located in Glenmarie right next to its main rival, Lamborghini as we stated before which is quite interesting.

Ital Auto

It is also just two factory lots away from the magnificent mosque in Glenmarie and right before the brand new Sisma Auto owned BYD electric cars showroom which is enjoying booming sales.

This will also be the temporary Ferrari sales showroom which will complement the all new Ferrari Kuala Lumpur city center showroom which is rumoured to be placed at the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur.

So, why at Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur? Well, we already know that the Ipoh-born billionaire Ong Beng Seng who is well known for his hotel and lifestyle business ventures in Singapore as well as Malaysia did a smart move early last year to take over the Ferrari business in Malaysia from Naza Italia.

This was officially announced in April this year and we at ‘broke’ the Ferrari Malaysia business take over news in March 2023, 3 weeks earlier.

So what happened to the former Ferrari brand owner in Malaysia, The Naza Automotive Group?

Well, Naza will continue to sell without any issue Maserati vehicles (Maserati is under the Stellantis Group and has nothing to do with Ferrari since 2021) in Malaysia and it is business usual as the Maserati showroom along the Federal Highway is in the process of being renovated to the all new Maserati global ‘look and feel’. This new huge investment confirms Maserati’s position in Malaysia with Naza.

People close to the matter at Naza Auto Mall has shared with us that the current retiring Ferrari showroom (Naza Italia) will be soon converted to be a super luxury car showroom that will be selling very special high end vehicles.


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