Hyundai Motor Group vehicles are the least problematic according to Vehicle Dependability Study by J.D. Power U.S.

Hyundai Motor Group is the top-ranked company when it comes to vehicle dependability according to a study conducted by J.D. Power in the USA. Owners of vehicles from the Hyundai Motor Group have reported the least problems and frustrations compared to owners of other brands.

Kia was given the top rank in the study including mass-market and premium brands, with Hyundai taking the third place and Genesis being the top ranked premium brand, taking the fourth. The vehicles were rated based on JDP’s PP100 (problems per 100 vehicles) scoring criteria.

The Hyundai Santa Fe and Sonata were also top-ranked in their respective midsize SUV and midsize sedan segments. Meanwhile, the Kia Sorento took the top honor in the upper midsize SUV category for the second consecutive year.

After ranking third best in last year’s vehicle dependability study, Kia managed to claim its second consecutive year among mass-market brands by scoring a total PP100 score of 145 points, which beats the average of 47 points in the industry. This marked the first time a non-premium brand has been awarded first in the overall study.

On the other hand, Genesis climbed up four positions from last year overall and three positions in the premium category with a PP100 score of 155 points. This is significantly higher than the industry average of 37.

Hyundai, also improved by four positions overall compared to last year with their score of 148, which beat the average 44 points. This is the highest ranking the company has ever achieved in the study.

Seog-ju Cha, Head of Quality Division at Hyundai Motor Group said, “We at Hyundai Motor Group hold long-term ownership satisfaction as one of the key benchmarks for success. The VDS results speak to Hyundai, Kia and Genesis’s dedication to delivering vehicles that not only excel in areas long-appreciated by owners, like design and driving experience, but also across innovative technologies that have become a crucial part of the overall ownership experience. We strive to maintain these high standards in all the vehicles we build.”

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