Honda Malaysia To Temporarily Shut Down During MCO 3.0

All authorised Honda service centres however will remain open to appointments during this time. 

Honda Malaysia has recently announced it will be temporarily halting its most of its business operations from the 1st to the 14th of June 2021. 

In compliance with the full lockdown reintroduced by the Malaysian government, all of its showrooms nationwide, its sales office in Petaling Jaya and the Japanese automaker’s Pegoh local assembly plant in Melaka will be shut down throughout this current two week period. The resumption of these aforementioned business operations for Honda Malaysia are tentatively slated for the 15th of June, but it is worth pointing out that its after-sales section are still nevertheless currently operational at all service centres nationwide throughout this lockdown period. 

Available for preventative maintenance, Body and Paint (BP) and towing assistance, Honda Malaysia has stated that there will strictly be no walk-in after-sales appointments during this time. Customers instead are encouraged to make their appointment bookings through the HondaTouch smartphone application before heading over in order to avoid long wait times. It is also compulsory for customers to make appointments with their nearest dealership (that is within the stipulated 10 km radius from their homes), in order to ensure acceptance of their car for service. 

For prospective Honda buyers wishing to take advantage of the recently extended SST exemption period and spend this lockdown period ordering a new car meanwhile, perhaps then the automaker’s newly launched pre-booking site may be of some interest to you. Though it is worth remembering that with physical dealerships and the JPJ offices closed during this period, it will probably be a while yet before getting one’s new ride. 

PRESS RELEASE: In compliance with the implementation of the total lockdown announced by the Government of Malaysia due to the alarming rise in COVID-19 cases, Honda Malaysia will close our business operations temporarily from 1st to 14th June 2021 to support Government’s effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. The business operations involved comprise Honda Malaysia’s plant in Pegoh (Melaka), sales office and dealer showrooms nationwide. 

Honda Malaysia will resume business operations tentatively on 15th June 2021. 

Honda Malaysia will continue to serve customers through our after-sales services which are available at all dealerships nationwide. Honda Malaysia encourages our customers to download the HondaTouch application for faster and simpler after-sales services appointment process before coming to the dealerships and to avoid long waiting time. Walk-ins are not allowed and it is compulsory for customers to make appointments with their nearest dealers (within 10km radius from their homes) to ensure acceptance of their car for service. The after-sales services available are preventive maintenance, Body and Paint (BP) and towing assistance. 

All Honda dealerships will continue to strictly adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the safety of Honda customers and associates as well as to provide customers peace of mind when visiting the dealerships. The Company believes “Together As One”, Malaysians can overcome the pandemic for brighter days ahead. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time. 

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