Honda Integra Type R Totalled After Sideswiping Column

An unfortunate and untimely end to what looked to be a rare Integra Type R. 

There was some unfortunate news that broke recently regarding a Honda Integra Type R that was totalled after slamming side-on into a highway column. 

Occurring on a stretch of road beneath the MRR2 flyover near Batu Caves, there has yet been any official information regarding the cause of this accident. However a reasonable hypothesis would be that the driver of this rather heavily modified Honda coupe had just lost control of the car, most probably due to the VTEC kicking in or the (aftermarket) turbo spooling up at an inopportune time. 

Speaking of the driver of this unfortunate Integra, eye-witness reports indicated that he sustained moderate to serious injuries as a result of this accident. First responders however were at the scene of the accident and were seen tending to the injured party. 

A particularly rare DC2R spec of Integra Type R, especially in Malaysia, there now exists one less because it would reasonably seem that this particular car here would be totalled as a result of this accident. While the driver’s side looks to be mostly ok, the passenger side tells an entirely different story with damage observed across all panels on the left side of this Honda. 

In fact, from some angles, the car looks to have sustained some moderate frame damage. This is evidenced by the roof and boot lid being bent out of shape, as well as the fact that the right rear wheel is knocked out of place, indicating that the rear subframe is out of position. 

While this is indeed an unfortunate occurrence to see yet another JDM legend biting the dust, there is some perhaps some solace in the fact that the driver still managed to walk away with his life after being involved in what looked to be a rather severe (read: high speed) accident. 

Additionally, while it is true that this particular shell will most likely be consigned to the crusher, there is still some parts that could be salvageable from what looked like a pretty tidy, and pretty heavily modified, Integra. Think of the loss of this Integra Type R then as a donor that could be keeping its other high-performance brethren alive, both locally and perhaps even abroad. 


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