“Hi Proton”…..the new way to sell Malaysians a car

Watch any car review video online on the all new Proton X70 or read any product review of this new Geely Proton JV SUV that has just been launched and the most pronounced feature seems to be the hands free operations for a number of functions thanks to advanced voice recognition software that starts with ‘Hi Proton’. Just like what I have in my pocket costing about RM4,000….mine is called ‘Siri’ and I can bring her into any one of my weekly test cars and just say ‘Hi Siri’ to do most tasks but not operate my sunroof, audio unit, climate control and power windows.

The system in the X70 SUV is accessed by saying ‘Hi Proton’ followed by simple spoken commands that can operate the windows and air conditioning system and even access the navigation app to look for points of interest. By using an Android based operating system, the GKUI offers mobile device users using the same operating software full mirroring capabilities. Finally, the system is also upgradeable with free over-the-air (OTA) updates improving the user experience and keeping the apps current. Access to the apps and other car functions is via an 8-inch Android based touchscreen interface with a 1280 x 720 full colour display with 32GB of internal memory space. It is also Wi-Fi enabled for mobile hotspot capability.

At the moment no other vehicle in this price segment has this feature, and so the biggest selling feature of this SUV has been ‘Hi Proton’ since it was first announced months ago.

Mercedes Benz has a similar feature in their all new A-Class called MBUX (pictured above) and the soon to arrive BMW 3-Series will also have this feature which works with saying ‘Hey BMW’. (pictured below) Soon every car manufacturer will get an android smart phone ‘plugged’ into their dashboard with a ‘hello car brand’ working to attract a new generation of customers who have forgotten that they might already be carrying Siri in their pocket.

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