Harley Davidson LifeWire to Lead Bike Electrification

For 116 years, Harley Davidson has been the most highly recognized name in the motorcycling industry. The company doesn’t seem to stop and announces 2 new concepts that may define the future of electric motorcycling. Electrification is called to reduce carbon emission, and to make legendary motorcycles more affordable due to the epic dropdown of the lower end price. Experts from figured out if the revolution is really coming.

Harley-Davidson Livewire

The New Page

The step into electrification was predetermined by the company’s publicly announced 2018 long-term network and user base growth plans. The goal is to invade new segments of the motorcycle market. The fresh Harley Davidson LED headlight line has already become one of the most energy-efficient solutions on the market. It’s only a drop in the ocean, though. The next step is to lead engine electrification worldwide and inspire drivers to switch from traditional gasoline units.

Harley-Davidson Livewire charging

Both electric concepts announced at X Games Aspen 2019 follow the brand new Harley Davidson LifeWire series. However, this time the style and technologies used for production are even more innovative. Sleek, compact shapes of the new bikes establish a new trend in motorbike design. They look much lighter and easier to control. Moreover, the new electric technology will make two-wheel transportation by Harley Davidson much cheaper. The prices for the upcoming line will start at just a few thousand dollars, with the recently released LifeWire model being the most expensive one. You can order it now for $29,799.

Harley-Davidson Livewire

Fun, Simple, Individual

X Games Gold Medalist Jackson Strong and Host of the show Jack Mitrani have already tested the prototypes. Both models impressed professional riders with booming torque, easy maneuvering, and the way people around reacted. Mitrani says that the new Harley line is the “wave of future” for motorcycle sports and everyday commuting.

The company wishes the new line to be more accessible for riders, not only due to the lowered price. Both models will allegedly be available for riders who don’t have a motorcycle license. Along with the simplified learning curve, it will start a new niche of motorbikes.

Unlike gasoline units, the new electric powertrains provide swift acceleration. Along with enlightened bodies, this feature will make the riding experience much more fun and emotive. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay less attention to the road.

The new batteries will be removable so that you can take them home or to the office in one hand, and charge via a dock plugged into any standard socket. The LifeWIre charges to 100% with a special dock in just 60 minutes, so we can expect these 2 to charge even faster.

The last and most important point is design diversity. Harley Davidson expects it to be the most attractive opportunity for future riders. Electric powerplants let engineers come up with an unprecedented variety of shapes and solutions for any purpose. You can check out the full list of announced electric and fuel-driven 2020 models on the official website.

Close to Future

Both concept models are already usable, and the LifeWire series is hitting the market at the moment. That’s why at, we’re sure that 2020 will be the year of the brightest Harley Davidson releases of the century. Keep tweaking until then, and don’t forget to prepare the best gear for your new electric vehicle.

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