GWM Cannon X Pickup Truck Might Come To Malaysia

Will the segment leading Japanese pickup truck brands be worried with the Cannon pickup truck

This new pickup truck is set to redefine the growing pickup truck segment in Malaysia with its rugged design and attractive selling price (since it is part of the Chinese car invasion).

Right now it is the Japanese and also one American brand that dominates our pickup truck segment.

Trucks like the Isuzu D-Max and Mitsubishi Triton keep selling very well and the ‘king’, the Hilux is still number 1 in sale.

In the past decade we have seen other Chinese brands try and make a ‘mark’ in our Malaysian market, buy they have failed to keep their trucks on the road with fledging after sales and questionable build quality.

Some are still having a presence in our market with little sales coming in. Meanwhile, the Japanese brands are dominating the segment with reliability and good resale values and waiting time for all new pickup trucks remain long.

Here are some of the highlights of the GWM Cannon X pickup truck and it has already been previewed at a recent event in Malaysia which means its arrival is very soon.

Cannon Pickup TruckThe GWM Cannon is a four-wheel drive lifestyle pickup truck powered by a 2.0L Diesel Turbo 4-cylinder engine that has 120 kW of power at 3600 rpm and 400 Nm of torque at 1500 rpm that works with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Cannon Pickup Truck

GWM claims the Cannon CANNON-X 4×4 consumes only 9.4L/100km of BHPetrol Euro5 diesel in the combined city and highway cycle while putting out just 246g of CO2.

Cannon Pickup Truck

The Cannon measures 1886mm in height, 5410mm in length, 1934mm in width with a 3230mm wheelbase that brings about a total of 1965kg of unladen weight.

Cannon Pickup Truck

The Cannon CANNON-X (4×4) comes standard with 265/60 R18 front tyres and 265/60 R18 rear tyres.

The 2023 GWM Cannon CANNON-X (4×4) has a 194mm ground clearance with a 3000kg braked and 750kg un-braked towing capacity.

As part of Great Wall Motors’ commitment to delivering exceptional vehicles, the Cannon X will be another great addition that promises good power delivery, good off-road performance and versatility.

With its robust design, advanced features, and off-road capabilities, this pickup truck is poised to make a statement in the Malaysian market.

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