Genesis Goes Hot With Its New Magma Performance Sub-Brand

Genesis plans for every model in its lineup to eventually be getting the Magma treatment from next year on. 

Likely seeing the success its parent company Hyundai had with its N performance endeavours, Genesis has since decided it also wants in on the opportunity to spice up its lineup, and thus recently announced the debut of its hot new Magma sub-brand. Just to give a taste of what good things are to come with this new Magma performance program too, the South Korean automaker has showcased its own souped-up GV60 Magma Concept. 

Now unfortunately, the finer details regarding what Genesis did to Magma-fy its GV60 are to still be under wraps thus far. It is nevertheless known though that it will be packing an improved battery sending power to tweaked motors, which going by the fact that this e-crossover shares the same platform as the IONIQ 5, could well mean for it to be using the same 84 kWh pack and 650 PS dual-motor setup as in the hot N trim of it. 

Going from the photos provided by Genesis as well, the GV60 Magma Concept sits a fair bit lower and rides on a wider stance than its stock sibling. Tucked within those swollen (and vented) arches too are a sporty set of 21-inch wheels, with its aerodisk-esque outer rim apparently designed to channel air to its brake discs and improve performance during repeated heavy use.

And while on the topic of channeling air, the revised front fascia on the GV60 Magma features a wider air intake and three additional oblong holes right above the number plate to increase airflow for cooling its batteries and motors. The canards meanwhile on the front bumper are there to generate additional downforce, as does the fixed wing and aggressive diffuser on its rump. 

Moving on within, the GV60 Magma benefits from more supportive bucket seats finished in Nappa leather and suede topped off with double-diamond stitching, in the appropriate orange of course, to match Signature Magma orange paint on its exterior. 

There are currently plans at Genesis for the GV60 Magma to spearhead its ambition to debut a hot version of every model in its lineup, when it eventually arrives in production form sometime next year. Though funnily enough, the South Korean automaker has rather jumped the gun on that already, as there is already a Magma Special edition of its G80 sedan for some time already, albeit only for the Middle Eastern market. 

In any case, Magma’s priority, according to Genesis creative chief Luc Donckerwolke, is to “look beyond” raw speed and performance, “prioritising the driving experience to kindle the joy of sporty driving”. An aim which is not all that far-fetched actually, especially going by how good the N cars from Hyundai have garnered praise from anyone who drove it that is.  

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