Ferrari 296 GTB has been launched in Malaysia

Naza Italia, official importer and distributor of the Ferrari brand in Malaysia have just launched the brands latest super car, the Ferrari 296 GTB. It starts at a selling price of RM1.2 million with many additional options available such as the Assetto Fiorano package as well as other additional accessories that tally up the total cost to RM3 million.

Ferrari 296 GTB

The Ferrari 296 GTB was first revealed last year. Carrying an electric motor for the first time in a Ferrari, it’s no surprise that many Ferrari enthusiasts are trying to get their hands on the 296 GTB. It’s the latest evolution of Maranello’s mid-rear-engined two-seater berlinetta and the car redefining the concept of fun behind the wheel. The Ferrari 296 GTB is said to guarantee a thrilling experience, not just when pushing the car to its limits, but also in day-to-day driving situations.

Ferrari 296 GTB

The Ferrari 296 GTB is the first Ferrari vehicle to sport a V6 turbo with a vee with an angle of 120° between the cylinder banks, coupled with a plug-in electric motor. Along with the electric motor, the vehicle has a total power output of 818hp at 8,000rpm and 740Nm at 6,250rpm.

Measuring in at 4,565mm long, 1,958mm wide and 1,187mm tall with a wheelbase of 2600mm, much attention was paid into reducing the vehicles weight as much as possible. This resulted in an overall dry weight of 1470kg for the super car which allows it to handle well and reach high speeds.

Being the first Ferrari PHEV, the Ferrari 296 GTB is offered with a power management selector (eManettino) which has been adopted alongside the traditional Manettino. Four options are available:

  • eDrive: the internal combustion engine is off and there is pure electric drive to the rear wheels; with a fully-charged battery the car can cover 25 km at a maximum speed of 135 km/h
  • Hybrid(H): this is the default mode on ignition. The power flows are managed for maximum efficiency and the control logic defines the intervention of the internal combustion engine. With the engine on, the car develops its maximum power and performance
  • Performance: the ICE is always on and helps maintain the battery efficiency to ensure full power at all times. This is the ideal setting for press-on driving
  • Qualify: provides maximum performance but at the cost of lower battery recharging

Inside, Ferrari are using the newly developed entirely digital interface which first debuted on the SF90 Stradale. Exclusive Italian leather has been fitted across the cabin. The main highlight is the central instrument cluster which stands in the middle of two side satellites, each with its own capacitive touch area and an air vent.

Ferrari 296 GTB

For buyers who seek more performance in the vehicle, they can opt for the Assetto Fiorano package which includes more lightweight materials in the vehicle such as carbon fibre. This includes a revised door panel which shaves off more than 12kg. Other content available to order solely with the Assetto Fiorano package includes an ultralight Lexan rear screen that brings the overall weight reduction to 15 kg, and Michelin Sport Cup2R high performance tyres which are especially suited to track use because of their grip.

Ferrari 296 GTB

Customers who purchase the Ferrari 296 GTB can also take advantage of the seven-year maintenance programme offered by Ferrari. It covers all sorts of maintenance of the vehicle for seven years and is an exclusive service for owners only.

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