Mercedes-Benz EQ

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia gives you more reasons to get into an all-electric Mercedes-Benz with peace of mind.

Since 2022, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has rolled out a diverse range of all-electric EQ products and today there’s even more reasons to own one thanks to limited time offers.

Now you can get motor insurance support, a home wallbox, service packages and charging credits thrown in with your new Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle. You can even own your Mercedes-Benz all-electric vehicle with Agility+ payment plan to ensure the Guaranteed Future Value of your car and get up to a year of complimentary monthly repayments. Terms and conditions apply.

For any EV owner, battery lifespan is a major concern. Rest assured that Mercedes-Benz has partnered with CATL, the world’s leading battery manufacturer to expand its global procurement of battery cells.
Mercedes-Benz EQ

The new CATL plant in Hungary supplies CO₂ neutrally produced battery cells for Mercedes-Benz’s European production sites. Not only are these batteries sustainably-produced, they’re also built to last. To ensure customer peace of mind, they each come with up to 10-years warranty or up to 250,000km, whichever comes first.

And if you really want to preserve your vehicle’s battery health for many years to come, the steps are super simple. Just charge your battery in short bursts and set the vehicle to stop charging at 80% capacity.
Mercedes-Benz EQ

You can charge your Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle at home using a wallbox, or out in public with AC or DC charging stations. Access to a free and comprehensive charging directory can be done via PlugShare, which can project onto any Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicle’s infotainment display via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Just note that charging via DC rapid charging makes more sense when the battery is already at a low state-of-charge.

Charging up isn’t something you have to do daily either. You can optimise energy use under the “Range” menu and adjust brake regeneration on the fly with paddle shifters. In our test drives of the Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicles, we found high brake regeneration worked best in urban areas while low regeneration kept the car ‘coasting’ without draining energy on the highway.

In Malaysia, Mercedes-Benz offers one of the largest portfolio of electric vehicles, including the large and upmarket EQE SUV, EQS SUV models, the limousine-like EQS and EQE, the versatile EQB, and the compact EQA.

The latest variants of the EQE and EQE SUV are exceptionally good value. Each of these products cater to specific customer requirements but all come with the same solid warranty-backed CATL technology made with electricity from renewable energy sources.

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