EVC AutoCharge Now Online At 200+ Local JomCharge Chargers

This AutoCharge feature by EVC promises a seamless plug-and-go public EV charging experience. 

EV owners of Malaysia, are you sick of all the faff that surrounds the process of charging your car in public? Well, EVC’s newly-launched AutoCharge feature may soon be the answer to your frustrations. 

EVC, via their JomCharge app, have recently officially rolled out its AutoCharge feature for their DC Chargers today. Users of this service therefore can now activate AutoCharge via JomCharge at any of the 200+ supported charging points (which are identified from their AutoCharge sticker) that are active nationwide currently.

Now AutoCharge, as the name suggests, is a process whereby EV users can simply plug the charger into their vehicle – and the charger will automatically recognise the vehicle ID, subsequently triggering the charging. This is, as dubbed by EVC anyway, thus a huge step-up from having to locate the correct charging app from the many apps, or trying (and typically failing) to scan a QR code before being able to charge an EV. 

With this new feature too, EVC touts that there is no need to involve a mobile phone in the whole process. Payment will be automatically billed to the payment card on the JomCharge app after charging. Though it should be highlighted that customers must first activate AutoCharge on their Account page in the app, in order to be able to use the feature.

For those with an ear to the ground on EV developments in Malaysia, EVC’s AutoCharge may be something that rings a bell. And that is because this feature was previously teased during the launch of Chery’s Omoda E5, with owners of said Chinese e-crossover having since served as the public testers for a few test chargers that were previously available. 

Thus far, only the aforementioned Chery Omoda E5 and the GAC Aion Y Plus support the AutoCharge feature. EVC has nevertheless stated that it is presently actively pursuing partnerships with other car makes that will allow more EV users to benefit from this newly-launched service.

“EVC is honoured to introduce the AutoCharge feature to EV users here. As an EV user I personally prefer EV charging to be seamless, and I believe AutoCharge by JomCharge is how EV charging should be,” said EVC managing director Ir. Lee Yuen How.

“We have received a lot of feedback from our users indicating the need for a more automated & simple EV charging method, especially as the amount of EV charging apps have mushroomed recently. Ensuring a seamless User Experience (UX) is a core ethos of the JomCharge team, and I am proud that we have managed to introduce this new feature, ” said EVC technical director Dr. Che Hang Seng.

Those who are interested in activating the AutoCharge feature can simply head to the latest AutoCharge enabled charger which can be located via the AutoCharge filter on the JomCharge app – once there they can click activate on the Accounts section of their JomCharge App and follow the on screen instructions. A more detailed step-by-step guide can be found on EVC’s official YouTube page.

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