IONITY increases its charging prices rise by 500%

This new cost to electric vehicle owners will now dampen the sales of new electric vehicles in Europe (Tesla not included as they have their own propriety charging stations at the old price point).

The European network of electric stations IONITY, which is owned by BMW Group, Mercedes-Benz AG, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group (with Hyundai and KIA) and Volkswagen Group (with Audi and Porsche) has just announced that it will charge electric cars from January 31 what charges their electric batteries per kWh!

IONITY EV stations

Previously, anyone wishing to make a full stop at an IONITY station paid a fixed fee of 8 euros, regardless of how much electricity they charge in the batteries. In other words, if someone came to an IONITY station with 10% in batteries and charged around 60 kWh that would have been a charge of 0.13 euros per kWh.

IONITY EV charging

For example, in France, a kWh for domestic consumer’s costs just 0.19 euros or 0.24 euros at Tesla charging stations. In Germany, domestic consumers pay 0.30 euros per kWh, while at Tesla stations the cost is 0.33 euros.

From January 31 this year, the cost of one kWh at IONITY stations will be set at just 0.79 euros. For example, an Audi e-tron has a capacity of 95 kWh, which would mean just 75 euros for a maximum distance you can travel with the electricity from the batteries which is 400 kilometers. On average this would be 0.18 euros per kilometer traveled.

IONITY network on the European continent. Scheduled for construction there are a total of 400 stations (the violets -203 – are already active, the white ones – 52 – are under construction)

IONITY EV charging

It is true that the customers of the aforementioned brands receive an electromobile and a limited free subscription while offering them the chance to charge the electromobiles at the IONITY stations. After this deadline, customers will be able to opt for subscriptions that will be more advantageous in its price.

Meanwhile, the charges at Tesla electric charging stations do not exceed 0.33 euros / kWh, so it is less than 2.4 times that proposed by IONITY. Therefore, IONITY’s decision to increase the price so much will stimulate many customers to buy Tesla cars. This effect will surely take place in the used car market and could have an impact on the sale of new electric cars.

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