The Crossover has taken over our imagination for sedans

Suddenly they are everywhere and the sales boom started with the Honda HR-V. Yes, this ‘gamble’ that Honda Malaysia took some years ago has paid off handsomely and helped Honda Malaysia to get right on top of the non national car sales charts.

Generally speaking, Crossovers have a higher total cost of ownership than cars. This increased cost can be broken out into a number of sub-costs associated with owning a Crossover.

First, since Crossovers generally achieve slightly lower fuel economy than cars, fuel costs tend to be slightly higher due to its taller stance (compared to a sedan) bigger and wider tyres and added weight (compared to hatchback) like with the Mazda CX3 and Toyota C-HR.

Second, Crossovers might require added amount of maintenance as compared to cars (beefier suspension and bigger brakes when it comes with a 4×4 system) like with the Subaru XV.

Third, most Crossovers use larger diameter and wider tires than sedans and so this tire cost is incurred is higher than that of a sedan just like with the Honda Jazz vs the Honda HR-V.

With all these added are a small cost to pay when you want a stylish vehicle but after a few years many buyers may question whether the total cost of Crossover ownership is worth it.

For some, it simply may not be but they want that ‘cool’ image that comes with driving a Crossover.

For some others, the Crossover is the only type of vehicle they will consider purchasing. The following are some of the key considerations when determining if the Crossover ownership is worth the added cost: 

Do I Need the Space and Utility Because I Have a Family?

Buyers with families make up a significant portion of the Crossover market. Crossovers are perceived to be bigger, generally allowing more interior room for kids, pets and all the accessories that come with them. They are also higher off the ground, allowing owners an added sense of safety and security.

Additionally, Crossovers don’t generally have the ‘soccer mom’ or ‘auntie’ stigma attached to them. Avoiding this label is priceless to many female auto buyers.

Do I Need the Space and Utility for Other Purposes?

Besides families, Crossovers are also popular among single adults, “early-nesters” (couples without children) and “empty-nesters” (couples who have grown-up adult children).

The added space and utility are primary reasons why the childless demographic buys Crossovers. People with large dogs may buy a Crossover for the cargo room behind the seats. Many people without children have relatively active lifestyles, and a Crossover is one of the best types of vehicles to support their “always on the go” way of life.

Certainly, other reasons exist that can justify the added cost of Crossover ownership. Buyers must consider their personal situation to determine if a Crossover is the right type of vehicle for them.

What ever the reasons are, the demand for Crossovers will continues to rise and you can sure that auto manufacturers will have more variants to offer in coming years.

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