Chery Opens Bookings For Its Omoda E5 Ahead Of March Debut

The new Omoda E5 can also be previewed at local Chery dealerships from 24th February onwards.

Chery has recently announced that it has since opened bookings for its upcoming Omoda E5, ahead of its imminent local March launch. In order to satiate those who are eagerly anticipating this new e-SUV too, the Chinese automaker has further stated that sneak previews for it are to soon begin at its dealerships nationwide from the 24th of February (this weekend at time of writing). 

Now it is perhaps prudent to point out that Chery has been somewhat vague in its announcement on the Omoda E5’s preview roadshow, with it not being entirely known if every one of its numerous outlets nationwide will actually be seeing this e-SUV on the showroom floor from this weekend. So it might be worth ringing ahead to the nearest dealership to check of its presence, with the dealership locater linked here. 

Chery has handily however been less vague regarding another big question regarding this Omoda E5, and it has since stated for this e-SUV to land locally costing in the region RM 160,000. And while this price tag does see it to be around RM 40,000 more than its petrol-powered counterpart, it nevertheless more pertinently sets it right up to square off against BYD’s slightly smaller (and also slightly pricier) Atto 3. 

Continuing on the topic of figures for a little more here, this upcoming Omoda E5 comes packing a front-mounted motor that outputs a decent enough 201 hp and 340 Nm of torque. Similarly reasonable for this segment of car too is to be its WLTP-claimed range of 430 km, derived from its 61 kWh lithium-iron phosphate blade battery pack. 

As for charging the pack now, the Omoda E5 is capable of 10 kW AC charging and 80 kW DC charging. Not the fastest in the world, but at least with the latter, Chery is stating that a 30-80% charge will take just 30 minutes. Moreover, this e-SUV further features a rather handy vehicle-to-load (V2L) function which allows the car to deliver up to 3.3 kW of power to run assorted electrical devices.

Rather interestingly too, in spite of being a predominantly city-slicking front-wheel-drive crossover, Chery has been keen to highlight as well its off-roading capabilities (or perhaps more reasonably how safe durable its battery pack is) by way of sending it through a water wading and bottom scraping test, as seen in the videos below.

In terms of flashier safety tech though, the Omoda E5 packs too the usual comprehensive suite of active and passive driver aids as part of its Advanced Driver Assistance System 2.5 (ADAS) suite, which among other things include a surround view camera, adaptive cruise control and a tyre pressure monitoring system. 

Just furthering the discussion on features meanwhile, the Omoda E5 is set to mirror closely its petrol-powered counterpart by coming with a comprehensive kit list of creature comforts. These are set to include a 24.6-inch curved 2K high-definition dual-screen display, a powered tailgate and sunroof, leather upholstery as well as dual-zone climate control. Moving on outside on the other hand, differentiating this e-SUV from its fuel-burning twin are a closed-off grille up front and unique 18-inch aero-style alloy wheels down its side. 

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