Chery Omoda E5 To Officially Launch Locally In March 2024

This all-electric version of the Omoda 5 will also be the lead car for the Chery Eco Run this weekend. 

While not exactly a surprise any more given that it has already been shown off quite a few times already, Chery has nevertheless since set a date for the local launch of its Omoda E5. And as the title of this article already suggests, the Malaysian debut of this all-electric SUV is currently set for sometime in March. 

Now in the interest of those who have yet heard of this upcoming Chery e-SUV, the specs pertaining to this Omoda E5 is rather impressive to say the least. The major technical highlights is that its 61 kWh LFP battery promises a claimed range of 430 km, while the single front-mounted motor outputs a reasonable 204 PS and 340 Nm. 

As for some more tangible figures on the other hand, Chery is currently touting for its Omoda E5 to manage the century sprint in a reasonable 7.6 seconds. Similarly reasonable too are its charging speeds, which are currently quoted to be 9.9 kW and 80 kW for AC and DC respectively. 

Moving towards the techier side of things, Chery quotes that its Omoda E5 ‘incorporates the HMI5.0 visual interaction and digital human implantation technology, providing drivers with an immersive sci-fi experience and a more futuristic, innovative driving sensation.’ Translated from marketing speak, it means that this Chinese e-SUV nets a 24.6-inch curved combination central infotainment and digital infotainment display screens, in addition to other EV-centric niceties like one pedal driving. 

Other niceties to be found within the Omoda E5 includes he latest generation of the ADAS system that Chery touts to feature ‘sixteen functions, including blind-spot monitoring, reverse warning, and automatic emergency braking that recognises pedestrians and cyclists’. Differentiating this e-SUV from its fuel-burning counterpart meanwhile are a a closed-off grille up front and unique 18-inch aero-style alloy wheels down its side, in addition to a larger cubby in its centre console within due to the absence of a transmission. 

To ensure no one misses out on the unveiling of this exceptional vehicle, Chery Malaysia is currently encouraging those who are interested in the Omoda E5 to, well register their interest. The link to that is available here.

For those who wishes to get an early sneak peek of this upcoming Omoda E5 too, this Chinese e-SUV will be used as the lead car in the upcoming Chery Eco Run 2024 that is happening at Dataran Wawasan Putrajaya this Sunday (at time of writing) on January 7th. Themed “A New Journey To A New Green Life”, this annual fun run event is organised by Jom Run and aims to attract over 3,000 participants this time round. 

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